How Garden Rooms & Conservatories can improve your lifestyle

Imagine having access to a safe, private space, detached from the house yet within reach. Teenage children have a compulsion to explore boundaries in search of new experiences. Separate garden studios, a justifiable home improvement package, can offer the space they crave and relationship improvements all round.

Conservatories & Garden Rooms for elementary sleep-overs.

Garden Rooms and ConservatoriesWhoever called them “sleep” -overs was having a laugh. Not only do the children refuse to settle, but their excitement also prevents anyone else from sleeping. Stick them in the garden room – at least you will be able to get some rest.

  • The hottest cool zone. Once those hormone surges rage uncontrolled, a chilling out area is a real asset. The peace and privacy allow perspective and reality to gain a little momentum and the teenager can allow their mature, adult self to emerge.
  • The no-limits music room. A stalwart for teenage expression, the music can offend the neighbours, fry the brain and potentially get the police involved. Garden studios can be ordered with sound-proofing against this very beast – no limits to sound expression now.
  • Collective meeting place. Many towns and villages no longer invest in youth clubs or halls where teenagers can spend free time safely. On a small scale, your garden room can provide this rare within-reach privacy for your children and their chosen friends to just hang out.
  • Homework happiness. I never had a space to do my homework, just a noisy dining table or living room floor. I have heard a garden studio family rave about their son’s grade improvements since using their studio for his homework. In fact, they claim he didn’t even need to be asked to do it!
  • Games in garden rooms. Snooker or pool tables can fit in very well but what about a flat screen TV, games console and gaming chairs? They will love you for that and for a mini fridge full of snacks. In the spirit of increasing fitness, table tennis is just too much fun to be any good for you – isn’t it?
  • Get creative studio space. Fill that space with colour and resources and your teenagers will be swept away in their imaginations. Why not let them decorate it themselves? That energy will always be there waiting, whenever the doors are opened, to feed the next artistic enterprise or expressive need.
  • Party venue. Your budding entrepreneur can create a side-line in children’s parties. A garden room is an asset and as a venue, is secure and supervised. Hiring that space as a party venue could be the first step on their illustrious career path.

Controlled Experiences

Growing up isn’t easy and having somewhere to go with a veto on the use of that space can give a sense of control in today’s dangerous world. New experiences don’t have to be behind the bike sheds, in deserted houses or other rough places. Open, frank relationships with your children will display your expectations and develop their capacity to grasp responsibility.

It’s all mine.

Hog that clean, bright space for yourself and leave the teenagers to their own dingy cave bedrooms.

They say that parents can support their children’s growing needs by allowing them space, so you’re still doing a good thing with all the advantages of UPVC Conservatories & Garden Rooms.

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