Advantages of Double Glazing in Orangeries

Similar to a conservatory, an orangery acts as an addition to a property for somewhere warm and bright all year round.

Despite the differences, there are still some similarities between conservatories and orangeries, one being double glazing. At one point you had to part of the upper classes to be able to afford an orangery, it was a status symbol, however, they have now become more affordable and have reached the attention of the masses, which has seriously increased the demand for them.

Often confused with conservatories, orangery designs do involve a lot of glass and windows; however the structure of an orangery normally involves timber or brick elevations and is not primarily a glass structure like a conservatory.

Having a lantern like structure on the orangery roof is another feature that is exclusive to orangeries that also give them a touch of class.

Orangery Conservatory Home ExtensionsThe orangery has had to become quite versatile, its owes it popularity to the fact that it has been able to adapt with the time and the changing demands of the modern family which still retaining its traditional charms.

Through installing double glazing you will be able to ensure that your home and your orangery remain warm throughout the year and save on your energy bills. You choice of building materials can also have less of an impact on the environment is you choose biodegradable substances.

Orangery prices are very inconsistent. The variance in orangery prices are due to the different size, building materials and designs or orangery. The design of your orangery can have a bearing on the price; if you want a large luxurious orangery then it will obviously cost you more than a smaller one that you will use for growing plants.

By adding an orangery to your home, not only will you experience all the immediate benefits it brings but you will also be able to add value to your home this could be as much as 15%. see more about orangeries on this website:

You will have a wonderful space to enjoy, whether it is a family room or you intend to grow plants in it, you will be able to enjoy your orangery for many years. Plus, if you have decided to install double glazing your will have a safe, warm quite bubble in which to escape from the world.

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Orangery Conservatory Home Extensions