Why buy composite or UPVC French Doors for your home?

Whilst UPVC remains a very popular option for any type of residential door, modern composite designs are very appealing and gaining a bigger market share.

If you are considering installing a set of exterior patio doors, then there are some great reasons why you should seriously consider buying composite French doors.French Doors

Our guide to the top 3 reasons to buy composite UPVC French Patio Doors.

  • #1: The visual appearance of any door is very important, and with a composite design you can get some amazing looking doors.

The timber-grain effect that can be created during manufacture is superb. The grain is molded into the surface of the door and not a “foil skin” and therefore you cannot get flaking or peeling.

The same goes for colour. The outer door layer itself is coloured (white or otherwise per your choice) and so flaking or peeling are not something you need to concern yourself with.

  • #2: The lifespan of a modern composite French door can be over 35 years. Unlike timber, you don’t need to spend time & money maintaining them. No sanding or painting, no rot or insect damage (woodworm etc).

The expansion & contraction is minimal therefore your door will always fit perfectly – no swelling in the wet weather or shrinking during long dry spells.

Colours are fade proof due to their UV resistance.

  • #3 Having a secure door is vital. Modern composite French patio doors come with steel reinforced outer frames and reinforced door panels.

Multi-point locks are standard, and with many you also get stud hinges. Using a stud hinge means that, once closed, even if a burglar removes the door hinge pins, the door itself cannot be forced out of the frame.

As the manufacturer of one of the most secure doors on the market, rockdoor.com say “the only way through a Rockdoor is with a key”.

Quick Summary

So, when you buy a composite patio door, what you get for your money is a great looking door that lasts for decades and protects your family. Protection from not only the Great British weather, but also any “would-be burglar” looking for an easy victim.

Find out more about composite French door prices for your home, simply drop us a quote request here: What are the main design features, of external UPVC French doors?

How Good Are Composite UPVC French Doors?