UPVC External Door Choices

Having a good back door that suits your needs can be a great addition to your house. Many people do not stop to consider whether or not their current back door is right for them.

Many others, when building a new house put so much emphasis on the front door that they do not take full advantage of having a good back door.

Whether you are building a new house or renovating your existing back door, follow this simple guide to help you decide on what to buy.
First off, you need to determine what you will be using your back door for.

UPVC French Doors | Double Glazed UPVC French Doors Designs

French DoorsWill it be to host parties and entertain guests, will it be stylish, decorative and used to bring light into your house or will it just be a simple design and nothing too fancy?

Think carefully about what you will use it for. Keep in mind that if undertaken properly, this simple addition could add thousands of pounds’ worth of value to your house.

The second aspect you need to consider will be the size of the door. If you only want a simple design then this should not be a problem, however I would still consider looking at sidelights as an extra as they let extra light into your house.

UPVC French Doors?If you are looking for something more stylish and elegant with the purpose of entertaining guests then you would be looking at a large, possibly bi-fold door. If you are in this position, then also consider French doors in your deciding process.

Once you know what size door you will buy, next you will need to decide on the materials that will be used in the project. This depends on a number of aspects including how much you want to spend, what conditions you live in, the style you have in mind and the existing style of your house.

UPVC is cheaper than wooden or steel alternatives but this does not mean the quality is any worse; in fact, it’s often better. The reason for the differences in the price is that UPVC is moulded by a machine so fewer workers are needed in the factory.

If you live close to the ocean wood or steel would not be a good choice because the steel would rust and the wood would need constant maintenance to keep it in good shape.

Finally, you will need to choose how much and what style of glass you will use on your door. For security you should use toughened glass to prevent people from breaking in. If you have a nice view of a garden that is attractive, then you would have a large amount of glass and possibly sidelights.

However, if your view was not so attractive you would have a small amount of glass to let light into your house.

In conclusion, it is relatively simple to choose a back door that will suit your lifestyle and personal tastes. Don’t rush into the process and make sure you have looked into what are the basic standard specifications of double glazed doors and all your options before you decide to buy.

Double Glazed UPVC French Doors Designs