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5 of the Most Compelling and Heart Warming Real Experiences of Life Changing Release from Pain.

Dee Parsons, Pain Nurse Specialist and Clinic Director, speaks openly and frankly to 5 Ex-Pain sufferers just like you about their own personal experiences of using magnetic therapy and how their life has changed.

ďI was really so painful in bed, day times were a lot better, but I was still really in a lot of pain in bed with problems turning over on one hip and another . I was advised to get a mattress cover. I got that and itís got a lot more magnets in it and also itís more powerful. I think itís the power of it all that was helping. I noticed a difference almost immediately with that and I was then convinced. I really thought there was something in it, you know, because I was sleeping and I hadnít slept for months properly. I can honestly say that at most times of the day I donít have any pain at all and I am wearing the belt as well on a daily basis. Well, quite honestly, between 10 days and 3 weeks, definitely I noticed a tremendous difference.Ē
Christine Chesters, a 60 years old retired occupational therapist, has diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritic knees and crumbling discs in her back. She uses a Magnetic mattress cover, back belt and water wand. listen to the interview>>

ďI had tried all the conventional treatments and without much success. I had a bit of success here and there but when you are in as much pain as I am you would try anything. So I thought I would have a go at magnets. I decided to go the whole hog and buy a magnetic mattress. Which has worked wonders, I must say it really has. The pain has been reduced considerably and Iím able to get up in the morning ,I think itís worked a lot. I think it would be about 2-3 weeks really, before I felt the real benefit of it. Then the pain had reduced considerably. Before I was waking up and my husband was having to get me a drink to take some pills with and then I would have to lay there for half an hour until they had worked before I could get out of bed and once the mattress cover had Ďkicked iní I was actually able to get out of bed and actually make my own cup of tea. So that was a considerable relief.Ē
Sue winter is a 56 year old business woman who has been suffering from arthritis in her knees and spondylosis of her neck and back for 5 years. She sleeps on a mattress cover. listen to the interview>>

ďI bought the wand, I bought the necklace and I bought the back belt. I used the back belt on my back. The necklace was the next biggest help. It took away all the neck pain where Iíve got 2 joints completely crumbled, and it took the shoulder pain, from the middle of my shoulder blades and part the way down my arms, completely away in a matter of, less than 2 weeks I would have said or maybe even less, it seemed like magic. I live with my necklace on day and night. Then I went on to buy a bracelet for my husband, he put the bracelet on because he got a lot of shoulder and neck pain and partly down his arms, as he is a lorry driver and this caused him a lot of problems with lifting and he immediately saw the difference. He swears by magnets. If he gets pain in the other arm he changes it over and he gets the relief he wants and he drinks the water which helps the magnets work better.Ē
Wendy Kidd is a retired 62 year old lady who has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 6 years, osteoporosis and a crumbled spine. She uses a travel pad, back belt, water wand, hematite necklace and stainless steel bracelet. listen to the interview>>

ďIím using the mattress, and the knee strap, the insoles, and the magnetic wand for the water and that is about it. Oh also Iíve got a shoulder strap which I used intermittently. We think over all they are beneficial. I would say that it might not help everybody but it certainly helped us and my sister-in-law too.Ē
Roy Sidall is a 71 year old retired gentleman who has been suffering from osteoarthritis in his lower back, knees, wrist and feet for 10 years. He uses knee straps, mattress cover, shoe insoles, back belt and a stainless steel bracelet. listen to the interview>>

ďI was in so much pain and the painkillers donít really take it off and I was desperate for some relief. I decided that because my neck was the biggest problem at that time because I also had trapped nerves, to try the strongest necklace. The pain relief that I got from that, I got very, very quickly. I started to get relief after a few days and it just went on from there. I used the necklace and I used the bed pad, as well, for my back. The pain relief was not quite as quick from that because obviously you only use it when you are at rest. But I am getting relief. I actually get days now where I donít take painkillers and Iíve not had that for years.Ē
Anne Fairbrass is a 63 year old retired care manager who has spondylosis of the neck and lower back, sciatica, curvature of the spine and shoulder pain. She wears a stainless steel necklace, a back belt and sleeps on a bed pad. She also uses a water wand and the omni ball massager. listen to the interview>>

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