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Natural Pain Treatments Success Stories

Below are a few more real life success stories of those who have achieved pain relief with magnopain medical magnets

Hi there,

This is me, Patricia Lynch with one of the 2 dogs we had in 1985, having a well earned rest half way round Rudyard Lake, whilst taking part in a sponsored walk for Breast Cancer. I Had breast cancer in 1984 and believe me, the pain I felt from that was nothing like the pain I suffered from arthritis in my right hand and wrist, which at times made my fingers curl up and freeze so I had to physically straighten my fingers out to relieve the pain. My son and my Father both had the same arthritis problem with the locking fingers.

Since wearing your magnetic bracelet on my right wrist, I can honestly say that my fingers have never locked up in pain even once so far after several months of wearing the bracelet. I am even considering getting my husband a magnetic necklace for Christmas. He suffers from Spondylosis of the neck, shoulders and spine and it would be interesting to see if a magnetic necklace would help him.

I have also read that magnetic collars can help older, arthritic cats and dogs, we don't have any animals at the moment but I have been considering going to an animal shelter to adopt an older dog, that would maybe love to be living in a family environment and then possibly feel the benefit of a magnetic collar in later years.

Here's hoping my magnetic bracelet keep up it's magnetic powers, as I had suffered from the pain in my hand and wrist for about 2 years before buying the bracelet that I now wear day and night.

Patricia Lynch

Hello Dee,

Iím continuing to use the magnetic knee straps and magnet water wand from my first purchase. I also use the magnetic mattress pad and bracelets. I wish I could say I was completely pain free, but Iím not as yet. However, I have many more good days than bad days, so Iím hoping that this is because of the magnets, and I plan to continue the experiment beyond the 6 months just in case it takes longer for me!

Thank you for all your advice and support over the last few months. Itís been much appreciated!

All the best,

Linda Alexander

I actually feel a bit silly in writing this having always been extremely sceptical of most forms of alternative therapy. 

But I cannot lie, I have been migraine-free
for two months now since combining the use of my magnetic pillow pad with a daily Feverfew supplement (always check with your doctor before taking supplements) and a
total ban on chocolate. 

Prior to this I suffered with Classical Migraine at least
once a month. I am now feeling increasingly confident about going places without the fear of a migraine coming on... it's amazing how trapped migraine can make you feel.

My sleep feels deeper and richer and my dreams are extremely vivid...  but that has been the only side-effect.

My magnetic pillow pad was an excellent buy and although I don't believe I will ever be completely cured it has certainly made a big difference to my life as part of my new regime.

Helen Savage, York

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Magnetic therapy pain relief testimonials

Magnet therapy testimonials

Natural pain relief success stories

Natural pain treatments testimonials


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