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Pro sports magnetic open patella knee support

Online Store>Sports Products>Magnetic Open Patella Knee Support

Made from soft and comfortable neoprene.

Contains 16 x 800 gauss magnets.(1280mTesla)

Supportive whilst playing sports will help with arthritic knees, torn ligaments, cartilage problems, swollen knees.

will fit knee circumference up to 22 inches.

Available in black only


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Two Together.

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Buy 2 knee supports together and save 5.44 - (25% off the second strap)
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Total list price: 43.50   Buy together Now: 38.06

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Customer Review:
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"With in 24 hours of purchasing one of your knee straps the pain was much easier. I am sleeping throughout the night and able to walk much further." Anon

"I am pleased to tell you that I have obtained much relief after using your magnet therapy. The pain is almost gone from my right knee and I am walking a lot easier. I have always used the magnet round my knee in bed at night time. I find this the easiest way and I shall continue using it this way."
M. Morgan, Derbyshire


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Conversion Chart
1 milliTesla (mT) = 10 Gauss

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