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Magnetic Pillow Pad

The Magnopain Magnetic pillow pad has many benefits and uses. It is thinner than a normal pillow and fits inside a pillowcase on top of your normal pillow, pull it down to the bottom where your neck and shoulders are on the pillow. The magnetism will help with spondylosis of the neck, whiplash injury, shoulder pain, migraine, tension headache and insomnia. The pillow works by stimulating the brain to produce the sleep hormone Melatonin. Sleep is regulated by melatonin. People who suffer from insomnia and migraines have a low level of melatonin. The magnets in the pillow stimulate the brain to produce more melatonin. This brings the level of melatonin back to normal and the  person is able to fall into a natural restful sleep and the pain associated with migraine will be relieved. 

   Melatonin also helps with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and stress so sleeping on the pillow should lift your mood, and make you less stressful. Put behind the head, when a passenger in a car, it can alleviate travel sickness. Use it as a cushion behind the back when sitting in a car, or a chair and it will help with back pain. For upper back pain, across the shoulder blades, put the pillow higher up the back. Placed across the abdomen the pillow pad can help with period pains. Placed in a wheelchair it will improve the circulation and reduce the risk of pressure sores. The pillow can also help people with MS, ME, Strokes and Fibromyalgia.

The magnetic pillow measures 14in x 20in
and contains 15 x 2600 gauss magnets (3900mTesla)
Available in white only.

Customer Review:
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"I brought a magnetic pillow a year ago to help with my migraines which I used to get quite frequently. but since using my pillow pad I have only had two migraines in the last year and one was my own fault. I had a slice of my sons chocolate cake!!! I am sure the magnet pillow Pad has helped. thank you."
A. Clarke, Colchester

"After suffering with arthritis and spondylosis for over twenty years and very short periods of sleep I was recommended to The World of magnets. on receiving the booklet of the various types of magnets that were available I thought here goes nothing to lose with the information given and the guarantee that world of magnets gave to me I decided to buy a pillow pad also the mattress cover. I could not believe the effect and improvements that followed. after several nights of using the pillow and mattress cover I was getting more sleep and almost pain free nights. Also I regularly suffered with severe bouts of cramp but thankfully I am free of that as well. what a bargain a well worth while acquisition which I can well recommend. Many thanks to World Of Magnets for making my life more bearable." A. Cleethorpes

"I have suffered from Parkinsons disease for 10 years now and I have tried many treatments to try and make my life more comfortable. I recently bought a magnetic pillow pad and a water wand, recommended by a friend of mine. After 2 weeks I have seen a marked improvement, especially first thing in a morning. Usually I cannot function until my medication kicks in but now I find I am able to move around, all be it slowly, but it is an improvement." Mrs Stark, Darlington.

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