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"One Woman’s 18 Year Battle To Overcome The Pain And Suffering From Spondylosis Has Inspired The Creation Of The Most Beneficial Neck And Shoulder Magnetic Pain Relief Package Available In The UK
Here’s How And Why It Works…"


   If you suffer with nagging, aching painful shoulders or your neck causes you stiffness and discomfort that prevents you from turning your head properly or lifting your arms above your head then you are among the 12 million or so adults in the UK that lives with regular and persistent neck or shoulder pain.

Imagine, Freedom of movement in your neck and shoulders,
Plus no pain within just 4 -7 weeks

   Necessity really is the mother of all invention! Had it not been for one woman’s 18 year struggle with chronic neck and shoulder pain this remarkable pain relief package I am about to share with you would never have been created. This extraordinary magnetic pain relief package, designed specifically for neck and shoulder pain, contains everything you need to resolve your neck and shoulder pain for good.

Here's why and how this package was invented

   Dee, our senior pain nurse, has suffered with spondylosis for the last 18 years. When her first symptoms developed the excruciating pain in her neck and head made her think that she had a brain tumour. Despite weekly visits to the GP she had no answer for her agony. The pain quickly spread across her shoulders and after just a few weeks Dee couldn’t turn her head without horrific discomfort, she felt like her head was exploding and the pain was constant 24 hours a day,7days a week.

   Fortunately a visit to a friend held the answer Dee was looking for. The friend suggested Dee see a chiropractor who x-rayed her neck and confirmed that Dee had spondylosis. He prescribed regular massage therapy to ease the muscle spasms. At her wits end and with no answer from the GP Dee thought it was worth a try.

   Massage did help to a degree but Dee needed 4-5 massages a week to keep the pain under control. Dee started wearing a hematite magnetic necklace and continued with the regular massage. Her pain began to resolve and she was able to reduce the amount of massage she required.

   She still had pain especially at night time so after 7 weeks she started drinking magnetised water and slept on a magnetic pillow. Combined with a weekly massage with a Nukkles massager, Dee’s pain was under control. Whenever a ‘flare up’ occurred she would change her hematite necklace for the much stronger stainless steel type and the ‘flare up’ would resolve within 2-3 days.

   The most recent breakthrough in Dee’s struggle against neck pain has been the use of hot/cold therapy in-conjunction with the magnets and massage. Just a few weeks ago Dee had a really nasty ‘flare up’ after a heavy weekend of gardening. She was unable to turn her head and the pain was constant.

   She put her stainless steel 3,000 gauss necklace back on and used a combination of 10 minutes massage with the Nukkles massager, 10 minutes heat therapy and 10 minutes cold therapy using a hot/cold gel pack. By the evening her neck had loosened and she could turn her neck and the following morning virtually all of the pain had gone.

   Since that ‘flare up’ Dee has continued to wear the stainless steel necklace, she drinks at least 6 glasses of magnetised water a day and sleeps on a magnetic pillow. In addition she uses a nukkles massager and hot/cold packs whenever she feels tight or tense in the neck and shoulders.

The most efficient way to reduce pain and inflammation,
is to strategically place super strength magnets on your neck and shoulders

    By wearing a super strength magnetic necklace 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you will noticeably reduce the inflammation and the associated pain and burning in your neck and shoulders. Once the inflammation is reduced the circulation and blood flow will automatically increase and fresh nutrients and oxygen will flood the area to start repairing the damage that the inflammation has caused.


    Night time is the best time to use magnets and even more so when the magnetic field is strong enough to penetrate all of your neck, shoulders and upper back. To keep it simple, whilst you are sleeping your body enters it’s most productive healing phase.

    Because you are asleep your organs do not need so much oxygen and this allows the body to concentrate on repairing the damage, caused by the inflammation, to your neck and shoulders. That’s why when you sleep on very high strength magnets the magnetism is very rapidly absorbed into the tissues and blood stream, 3 times quicker than during the day.

    What this means is, the blood circulation to your neck, shoulders will be improved by degrees, so much so that almost all the excess fluid, from the inflammation, in your neck and shoulders will be drawn away and safely excreted, plus the increased blood flow will provide any damaged areas with all the essential healing nutrients needed to repair it.

The plain and simple truth is:

    Wearing a super strength necklace (4.5 times stronger than the standard necklace) and sleeping with your neck, shoulders on a magnetic pillow pad is the best therapeutic magnet treatment you can have for your neck and shoulder inflammation and pain.

    The super strength necklace contains between 19-40 x 3,000 gauss magnets discreetly encased inside an extremely hardwearing and long-lasting surgical stainless steel necklace .You will immediately feel the soothing support and begin to feel the inflammation and pain relief in just a few days.

    What’s more, the super strength pillow pad contains 15 x 2400 gauss super strength magnets carefully interwoven into an extra soft quilted cotton pad (it’s like sleeping on an eiderdown) which is the size of a standard pillow. Your pillow pad will fit snugly inside your pillowcase on top of your existing pillow (even special foam or Tempur® pillows) your neck and shoulders will rest on all the 15 super strength magnets.

To ensure you get the maximum results from your magnets
You absolutely must utilise the power of attacking the inflammation
from inside the body as well as outside the body at the same time

    How on earth do you do that?

    Water WandWhen you drink water that has been magnetised the magnetism travels into the stomach and is absorbed into the blood stream through the bowel wall, it is then very rapidly distributed around the whole body. Think about it, when you drink magnetised water you are tackling your problem from inside and outside at the same time. This 2 sided approach will most definitely reduce inflammation from inside the body whilst also increasing the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain.

    Plus, it will also speed up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of the magnetic field by a quite incredible 10 times. The water wand contains a 1,500 gauss and a 800 gauss magnet and can be placed in a glass or jug of cold tap water.

    Frankly, the effects of the extraordinary super strength necklace when used in-conjunction with the high strength pillow pad and water wand are astonishing; they will create a super strength magnetic field around your neck and shoulders. Not only will your pain and inflammation be reduced but the circulation in the whole of your upper body will be dramatically improved.

As a neck or shoulder pain sufferer you can solve your pain with the same treatment that has taken Dee’s 18 year old pain away

   The fact is, you could just start reducing your pain and discomfort by using a magnetic necklace or by simply using massage and you would receive some benefit. BUT the emphasis is on the some, it would take a long time, as with Dee, for your pain to become totally under your control.

   What Dee has identified, from her own harrowing painful experiences, is that when you combine magnets, massage and hot/cold therapy the results are miraculously quick and they are so much more long lasting, than using just one of these treatments alone.

   In a nutshell, Dee has created the ultimate neck and shoulder pain relief package for you to try, which contains a:

A super strength magnetic necklace, (Monet, Deco, Constable) a Magnetic pillow pad, (white only) and a Water Wand

Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Package

This package contains a stainless steel magnetic necklace, a magnetic pillow pad and a water wand.

Necklace Size:
Price: £115.25

One last thing it’s important, If this package does not significantly reduce or 100% alleviate your neck or shoulder pain you do not pay a penny…

   You can try the ultimate neck and shoulder package completely risk free for 180 days. I have arranged for you to try this incredible package with absolutely no risk for 180 days. Within those 180 days your pain and discomfort is virtually guaranteed to be relieved. If you do not agree that your pain has been reduced after 170 days of continuous use, just say so and I will give you a full 100% refund. I can’t say fairer than that.

Debbie Shimadry
Pain nurse specialist/
Magnetic Therapist

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