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Announcing – New Medical Breakthrough in the Fight Against Sleepless Nights,
Science Has Now Pinpointed the Exact Cause of Insomnia


Read about this latest discovery and also
the secret of this pioneering new treatment

Dear insomnia sufferer,

   Over 32 million adults in the UK suffer with insomnia or sleep disorders. If you are one of them then you must read about a revolutionary new medical discovery that has revealed to scientists just how insomnia is caused and more importantly how it is permanently resolved.

What this ground breaking and remarkable
research into insomnia has discovered

     Astonishingly, very recently scientists stumbled upon the answer to ‘what causes insomnia’ during a study into how jet lag affects airplane cabin crew during long haul flights.

     Essentially the scientists discovered that the cabin crew members who suffered with jet lag had significantly lower levels of a hormone called melatonin in their bodies than those who were not suffering from jet lag. This crucial finding has been pivotal in pioneering a permanently effective treatment for insomnia.

Why melatonin is critical in making you sleep,
plus how to use melatonin therapy to permanently resolve your sleep problems

     In brief, the hormone melatonin controls your body’s ability to sleep. Quite simply, if you do not have sufficient amounts of melatonin in your body you will not be able to sleep. There are 2 main sleep problems linked to the lack of melatonin, see if you can relate to either of these symptoms:

1. An inability to get off to sleep, usually taking a few or more hours to fall asleep. – This is caused by your body not having enough melatonin present between the hours of 9.00 pm and 12.00 am. To enable you to fall asleep your levels should gradually increase during the evening to a point where you can drift into a natural sleep. They may reduce during the night causing you to wake.

2. You are able to get off to sleep without problems but find that you wake after just a few hours and feel completely wide awake and then can’t fall back to sleep again. – During your wakeful periods your melatonin levels have ‘dropped off’ to a waking daytime level, so you feel wide awake and will not be able to sleep again until your body’s melatonin level has increased again. This can occur repeatedly throughout the night.

   Of course, you may also suffer with a combination of both of these sleep problems, causing you to have virtually no sleep at all.

So how does melatonin therapy permanently resolve insomnia?

    Obviously, it stands to reason that if insomnia is caused by a lack of melatonin in the body, then surely increasing the amount of melatonin in the body will resolve your insomnia, and that is true. This is the way to permanently resolve insomnia, BUT, and when dealing with the human body there always seems to be a but, it is not very easy to increase the body‘s melatonin levels, that’s why insomnia has historically been nearly impossible to treat. Until now that is.

Currently there are 2 ways to increase the body’s melatonin levels, one is unavailable in the UK and the other has proven to be effective in 84% of users.

     Fortunately the most effective method of raising melatonin levels within the body is available in the UK. For you to fully understand how melatonin works I will briefly tell you about both methods.

1) The method unavailable in the UK!

By taking melatonin supplements in tablet form. This involves taking a synthetic melatonin hormone on a daily basis. It is available in the USA and some other countries but has not been given a license in the UK. The main reason for this is that when you take a synthetic hormone your body can stop or reduce its own production of the hormone because it senses a source from elsewhere, so taking synthetic melatonin could cause your body to give up melatonin production altogether leaving you totally dependant on the synthetic hormone.

2) The preferred method with an 84% success rate.

By stimulating your body to increase its own production of melatonin naturally, without drugs or chemicals. This is achieved by exposing the melatonin production centre (the pineal gland in the brain) to a strong static magnetic field.

   The fact is the pineal gland, in the brain, is particularly responsive to magnetic stimulation, which means that when you sleep with your head on strong therapeutic magnets, the magnetic field accelerates the rate of melatonin production, returning it to the body’s normal levels.

Revolutionary new treatment demonstrates how to permanently resolve insomnia - WITHOUT any drugs or chemicals

   This – without doubt – is the most powerfully effective yet gentle resolution for insomnia I have ever witnessed the results of. The Magnopain® magnetic pillow pad and water wand restores the body’s natural hormone levels, resetting the ‘body clock’ (circadian rhythm) remarkably quickly and easily.

    It doesn’t matter what type of insomnia you have or how many weeks, months or years you have suffered with it. The combination of the Magnopain® magnetic pillow pad and water wand will effectively treat the symptoms of even the most chronic insomnia resulting from chronic pain, depression, stress, old age and hormone imbalances. What’s even more incredible is, results have been achieved within a few weeks, plus some people are reporting even better results.

    Best of all, the pillow and water wand lasts for 10 years. The 15 super strength 2,400 gauss magnets are discreetly sewn into a double thick layer of wadding and covered with a soft quilted polycotton. You will not feel any of the magnets whilst you sleep on the pillow pad.

   The magnetic water wand is 14cm (5¾ inch) long and looks like a pen with a ball at the end. The long lasting, lime scale resistant rhodium coating protects the 2, negative pole, magnets inside, totalling 2300 gauss (230 m Tesla, super strength magnets). Because you are actually placing the magnets directly into the water the magnetic field penetrates the water extremely quickly. This is the fastest and most efficient way to magnetise water. They both simply get to work on increasing your melatonin levels without you knowing they are there.

Here’s proof…

     So far 1785 people this year, who were suffering from persistent insomnia, trusted my urge to test a Magnopain® magnetic pillow pad and water wand. Virtually every single one of these 1785 that we have talked to, now report that they are sleeping each and every night.

Whatever you think about this magnetic pillow pad and water wand, don’t make your mind up until you have read these 3 real life stories of life changing release from insomnia

“I noticed a difference almost immediately. I really think there is something in it you know, because I am sleeping and I haven’t slept properly for months. I sleep on the pillow pad on a daily basis.”

Christina, 60 years

“Within just a few days my sleep pattern was improving and after a couple of weeks I could get several hours of sleep each night. I won’t tell you that I never get a sleepless night because I do get an odd night when I can’t sleep. But on the whole, I do sleep throughout the night.”

Sam, 33 years

“I wasn’t sure if these magnets would help. Astonishingly after 7 nights, I was sleeping throughout the night. It’s brilliant, I no longer wake up at all.”

Joan, 54 years

Insomnia Relief Package
Insomnia Relief Package

This package contains a magnetic pillow pad and a water wand.

Price: £66.50

You can test one of these revolutionary Magnopain® magnetic pillow pad and water wand totally risk free for 180 nights

   I’m sure you will understand that these pillow pads and water wands are very specialist devices and you cannot just ‘pick one up’ on the high street. Fortunately, you can try them totally risk free for 180 nights.

    Simply sleep on the pillow pad for 180 nights, drink at least 4 glasses of magnetic water per day and if your insomnia has not significantly resolved just return the pad and wand for a 100% refund.

Debbie Shimadry

Pain nurse specialist/
Magnetic Therapist

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