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1 milliTesla (mT) = 10 Gauss


Recommended Treatments:

magnetic therapy

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Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic Bracelets

Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets, Hematite beads magnetic bracelets, Coppper bracelets

Recommended Magnetic Treatments

Recommended Magnetic Treatments

magnetic therapy treatment packages for arthritis, back pain, knee, shoulder, wrist pain and insomnia

Jewellery Sets

Jewellery Sets Preferential Discount

Buy a matching bracelet and necklace together
Save 25% off the bracelet

magnetic bracelets, hematite bracelets, stainless steel magnetic bracelets and necklaces

Magnetic Necklaces

Magnetic Necklaces

magnetic therapy necklaces for neck pain relief

Magnetic Straps

Magnetic Straps

magnetic straps for back pain relief, knee, shoulder, neck and wrist pain

Sleep Systems

Sleep Systems

magnetic therapy bedding and pads to sleep on

Specialist Magnetic Products

Specialist Magnetic Products

specialist magnetic therapy products for pain relief

Magnetic Animal Products

Magnetic Animal Products

Magnetic products for cats, dogs and other pets

Magnetic Rings

Magnetic Rings

Magnetic rings for hand and finger pain relief

Which Magnopain Magnetic Therapy products are right for me?

Pain relief for: Migraine, Arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, lumber back pain, sciatic back pain, spondylosis, insomnia.

Magnopain magnetic therapy pillows and mattress covers are the ultimate in magnetic therapy and give excellent pain relief to all of the above. Insomnia and migraine sufferers will benefit  from a magnetic pillow. People needing all over pain relief from arthritis, back pain etc should consider a magnetic therapy mattress cover.

Pain relief for: Back pain, lower back pain, sciatic back pain, spondylosis, and spinal arthritis.

Wearing a Magnopain magnetic therapy strap around the waist is the best solution for all types of back and hip pain. Available in 2 designs: The classic Magnopain magnetic back belt and the Magnopain magnetic therapy Pro sports back belt.

Pain relief for: Arthritis of the neck, spondylosis, frozen shoulder, cervical back pain.

Magnopain Magnetic therapy necklaces give pain relief to the neck and shoulders, cervical back pain, spondylosis and arthritis. A Magnetic therapy neck wrap will give pain relief around the neck area. A Magnetic therapy Pro Sports shoulder support can be worn on either shoulder.

Pain relief for: Arthritis of the knees, Cartilage & ligament problems.

There are 2 types of Magnopain magnetic therapy knee straps. The classic magnetic therapy knee strap. This will aid with arthritis and cartilage or ligament injuries. The pro sports magnetic therapy knee support encases the knee with an opening for the patella.

Pain relief for: Arthritis of the ankle and feet, Achilles tendon problems, poor circulation to the feet and lower leg.

Magnopain magnetic therapy shoe insoles give excellent pain relief to the feet and lower leg.

Pain relief for: Arthritis of the wrist and hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, Tendonitis

Magnopain magnetic therapy bracelets, magnetic rings or magnetic therapy wrist straps. These will give pain relief to arthritis in the hands and wrist, also RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. Magnetic therapy bracelets will also aid your general health.

Pain relief for: All of the above conditions plus bowel disorders, diabetes and high blood pressure.

A Magnopain magnetic therapy water wand will magnetise your water. It increases blood circulation, energy levels and reduces inflammation, blood pressure and gives a feeling of well being. When used in conjunction with other forms of magnetic therapy it increases pain relief.



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magnetic bracelets for tendonitis, carpal tunnel, wrist and hand pain relief | magnet therapy products for the treatment of arthritis, low back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia and joint pain plus natural cures and remedies for insomnia, migraines and headaches



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