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More Success Stories From People Who've ALREADY Used These Magnetic Therapy Packages

"I actually feel a bit silly in writing this having always been extremely sceptical of most forms of alternative therapy.

But I cannot lie, I have been migraine-free for two months now since combining the use of my magnetic pillow pad with a daily Feverfew supplement (always check with your doctor before taking supplements) and a total ban on chocolate.

Prior to this I suffered with Classical Migraine at least once a month. I am now feeling increasingly confident about going places without the fear of a migraine coming on... it's amazing how trapped migraine can make you feel.

My sleep feels deeper and richer and my dreams are extremely vivid...  but that has been the only side-effect.

My magnetic pillow pad was an excellent buy and although I don't believe I will ever be completely cured it has certainly made a big difference to my life as part of my new regime."

Helen Savage, York

"Originally I suffered from migraines, sometimes two or three a week. These gradually lessened to become headaches, but were still painful and limited my social life to the extent that I could never guarantee being pain-free on some future occasion.

I found pain-killers of only limited value and often with unpleasant side-effects. I also had "singing" tinnitus to go with them, also a pest.

Having tried various alternative medicines to little avail, I tried magnets. Magnetic bangles seemed to have little effect so I tried a pad of magnets placed under my pillow at night. And that did the trick!

Quite quickly my headaches grew less in intensity and in frequency to my present state, where I do get the occasion mild headache one a month or so, as other people do, but they can generally be got rid of with standard painkillers.

So magnets do work!"
John Stephens 20.05.07

Your Headaches —Mild, Moderate Or Even Severe Migraine— Can Be Substantially Or Entirely Relieved Within Just 2-8 Weeks…
And The Relief Is Permanent

Try This Proven Headache/Migraine Care Package for a full 6 months without risking a penny…


You are now just moments away from discovering how to put an end to the headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder discomfort and stiffness you have been experiencing, for good.

• Even if you have been told by your doctor or nurse: “There is no more that can be done to help your headaches.”
• Even if you have had your headaches for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years or more
• Even if you take a handful of painkilling tablets and other medication each day
• Even if you have tried everything else and nothing has worked for you…

I can assure you as a pain nurse with more than 34 years experience within the NHS there is an answer to your pain problem, and the answer can relieve you of even the most severe headaches and migraines within just days or a few short weeks.

A breakthrough, drug free, pain relief treatment (the latest magnetic therapy treatment) has proven to dramatically and most often completely relieve mild, moderate and even chronically severe pain.

People with years of severe pain, from arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylosis, fibromyalgia, to name just some, within a few weeks (usually about 2-8 weeks) are virtually or completely free from pain and able to live a normal and active life again.

It’s wonderful!

The saddest thing I hear and see is people suffering from pain and mobility restrictions and not knowing about magnetic therapy. My greatest wish is that you will find your pain relief through this incredibly simple, gentle and yet vitally effective magnetic therapy treatment.

Incredibly, people who have been severely physically restricted are able to be almost 100% active again gardening, enjoying family activities, travelling, playing sports, walking their dogs, and shopping within just a few weeks, even as short as a week or two after using the magnetic therapy treatment I have advised they use.

Pain killing drugs no longer necessary

Thousands are now finding that they can throw their pain killing drugs away. They are enjoying a pain free life again after years of discomfort and crippling agony and pill taking.

The other wonderful benefit is that these people are once again enjoying deep and restful, pain free, sleep.

The facts are these:

Virtually everybody who uses this recommended headache care package loses their pain and experiences greatly increased mobility. Even better, about 63% of users are able to significantly reduce the amount of pain killers they take. 35% no longer need any painkillers at all.

The correct magnetic therapy treatment is a breakthrough in pain management and relief.

You are only a few hours away from getting the correct magnetic therapy treatment for your headaches or migraines

I’ve been advising people about pain for more than 34 years and I want to reassure you that you can start to reduce the headaches you are feeling this very day.

This is very important…

Never compare your aches and pains to anyone else’s. Your pain is personal to you alone and has nothing to do with, and is no measure against, anyone else’s pain.

A medical definition of pain is: “Pain is what the patient says it is”

Here’s how to determine which headache or migraine treatment will work best for you

Your treatment options are:

1. For very mild to short term moderate headaches (without neck stiffness or muscle spasms)— The mild headache package:

You will wear 29-40 x 3,000 gauss stainless steel magnetic necklace (3 designs to choose from) and drink magnetised water (by placing a 2,300 gauss water wand into all your cold drinks).

You’ll also be very glad to know…

When you drink magnetised water each day, the overall healing effect of the magnets placed on your body has been measured to be as much as ten times greater. It will also detoxify your body, eliminate excess fluid and waste. But what’s even more important, it will increase your energy levels and help you to gain a deep and restful sleep.

Just 4 large glasses of any cold liquid (it doesn’t have to be water) magnetised by placing a magnetic 2,300 gauss ‘wand’ into your drink for 15 minutes (or in a volume of 2 litres for 1 hour) will give you all of the benefits mentioned above.

Plus, when you continue to magnetise all of your cold drinks each day, even after you pain has gone, it will help to prevent your pain from coming back.

Mild headache package >>

2. Very mild to short term moderate headache with neck stiffness and muscle spasm —The mild headache, neck stiffness and muscle spasm care package:

You will wear 29-40 x 3,000 gauss stainless steel magnetic necklace (3 designs to choose from) and drink magnetised water. Plus you will also use the special Nukkles hand held massager (no level of expertise or training needed) and the simple microwaveable hot/cold therapy gel pack in-conjunction with your magnets.

i. The special Nukkles hand held Massager relaxes your muscles, reduces muscle spasms and improves local blood flow.

ii. In addition, the microwave hot gel pack used straight after the massager will continue to soothe painful areas and muscle spasm whilst maintaining the blood flow to the area.

iii. The Cold therapy gel pack (place this pack in the freezer for 10 mins) will then reduce swelling and soothe irritation.

When you use this combined treatment you allow your body to heal at its fastest rate. You continually provide a rich fresh blood supply filled with healing nutrients and painkillers and at the same time you reduce the inflammation and swelling enabling your joints to move freely again without pain or discomfort.

Mild headache, neck stiffness and muscle spasm care package >>

3. Long Term moderate headache, without neck stiffness or muscle spasm—The moderate headache package: (Best Seller)

You will use the stainless steel 29-40 x 3,000 gauss necklace, pillow pad and drink magnetised water every day until the pain is gone.

Your body heals by the greatest degrees at night time whilst you sleep. That is when most of the healing work is done. Sleeping on a 15 x 2,400 gauss magnetic pad will dramatically boost your body’s natural healing process; reducing the time it takes for your pain to be resolved.

Plus, take the pad put of your pillow during the day and place it behind your head when you are sitting in a chair, on the sofa, in the car, or at your desk at work. Your necklace and pad together will reduce the strain that occurs in your neck and head when sitting.

Long term moderate headache package (without neck stiffness or muscle spasm) >>

PLEASE NOTE: If you have long term moderate headache with neck stiffness and muscle spasm you should use the severe and chronic migraine neck stiffness and muscle spasm package detailed below.

4. For all types of severe and chronic migraine, neck stiffness and muscle spasm —The severe and chronic migraine, neck stiffness and muscle spasm care package:

You will use the necklace, pillow pad and drink magnetised water every day, plus you will also use the special Nukkles massager and simple microwaveable hot/cold therapy gel pack in-conjunction with your magnets (as detailed in the packages above).

When your pain is in the severe and unbearable category you will not be able to resolve your crippling discomfort by just using a magnetic necklace alone. You must sleep on magnets to boost your body’s natural healing ability during the night. Plus tackle your pain from the outside in and the inside out at the same time by drinking magnetised water.

Combining your magnets with frequent massage for short periods of time (5-10 minutes) and additionally placing hot and cold gel packs directly over the painful area will condition your head and neck and prepare it for the magnetic treatment.

There is no instant quick fix with long term chronic severe and unbearable pain. You must be prepared to have patience and wait a while. It may take a few weeks before you really begin to notice drastic improvements. BUT providing you persevere and stick to the treatment I have advised you to use, your patience will be rewarded with a pain free and mobile life again.

Severe, chronic migraine, neck stiffness and muscle spasm care package >>

Try Your Personalised Magnetic Therapy Treatment
For 6 Months Without Risking A Single Penny

I have arranged for you to try your personalised magnetic therapy treatment with absolutely no risk for an unusually long 180 days. Within those 180 days your pain and swelling is virtually guaranteed to be relieved.

—But if (and it will be unusual)— after at least 180 days of continuous use, your pain and swelling has not been virtually or completely resolved, I want you to return the complete package and I will send you a full 100% refund.

The only reason we can offer you this exceptional guarantee is because experience has proven that mild, moderate and even severe pain in the head has been relieved in thousands of headache sufferers using the packages recommended in this letter.

Actually, the risk we take in providing you with this long guarantee is very small.

The likelihood is your pain will be gone or greatly reduced and your mobility will be recovered as you apply and use the correct headache package as described in this letter.

Nevertheless, if you are the one in hundreds whose pain is not substantially removed, and whose movements are almost entirely freed up with the correct package we do not want you to pay for it.

If this is your experience, please return the whole package after 180 days and we will promptly refund every penny of the cost of the package you bought.

Order now, your personalised magnetic therapy treatment will be dispatched the same day by first class post

Mild headache package >>

Mild headache, neck stiffness and muscle spasm care package >>

Long term moderate headache package (without neck stiffness or muscle spasm) >>

Severe, chronic migraine, neck stiffness and muscle spasm care package >>

I am delighted that you have come to me and my organisation. Please do write or call and tell us of your reduced pain and increased mobility. I and all my staff here really do care and are always here to help in every way we can.

To your pain free life,

Dee Parsons RN, Dip MC (MT)
Senior Pain Nurse Specialist

P.S. I can assure you that there is an answer to your headaches and migraines, regardless of how bad it is — no matter whether mild, moderate or even severe. Even if you have suffered for years, I want to reassure you that you can start to reduce the pain that you are feeling this very day.

P.P.S. We are here for you 52 weeks a year: Anytime you wish to, you may call me or one of my staff for help and advice. We are here to advise you and see you through your pain to a pain free and highly more mobile way of life. Feel free to call me personally on 0115 8226296 or one of my magnetic therapist advisors on 0115 8226260 whenever you need or want to speak about anything regarding your pain, no matter how small or big the problem.

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