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Breakthrough Simple To Use (Drug Free) Treatment For Foot & Lower Leg Pain Developed By Healthcare Professionals


It Can Have You Free Of Foot & Lower Leg Pain In Just Weeks...
Try It Now For 180 Days Completely Risk Free

Dear friend,

A surprising one in three adults in the UK today are tormented by debilitating foot and lower leg pain.

You know the result: anything from an aching foot and lower leg as you go about your daily tasks, through to severe and sharp pain as you do even little things such as bending down to pick something off the floor.

Now Thanks To A Simple Yet Amazingly Effective Breakthrough You Can Have Quick And Virtually Total Relief From Your Foot & Lower Leg Pain

How does your foot and lower leg pain affect you? Is it mild, quite constant, or severe? Either way it certainly is annoying and definitely makes your life miserable. The foot and lower leg is critical to virtually everything you do each day. When you experience pain it affects your whole mood and enjoyment.

Until now, your treatment options have been limited to pain killing drugs, physiotherapy, support bandages and — in extreme cases surgery — which usually entails a partial or total joint replacement.

What would you give to have your foot and lower leg pain melt away, to be completely free of pain? Think! To be able to just bend down and pick something off the floor without feeling as if you are being stabbed in the foot and lower leg with a red hot poker…or too carry the washing in, or too carry your shopping bags without feeling the pain you have had to suffer for months or for years?

Is It Really Possible That Your Foot & Lower Leg Pain Can Be Substantially Relieved If Not Resolved? Now It Is!

Health professionals have recently unearthed a 3,000 year old 100% drug free, chemical free, entirely natural foot and lower leg pain treatment which has proven to be effective in 93% of users.

This powerful, but gentle, pain relief treatment not only — and finally— eliminated the foot and lower leg pain suffered by the two nurses who designed it, but it has also eliminated foot and lower leg pain in a full 2,749 of their patients who now use it.

Results are so impressive that I want you to use this breakthrough foot and lower leg pain treatment package for a full 180 days, so you also experience fast relief from your particular foot and lower leg pain.

Imagine, you will soon be able to bend down and pick something off the floor without pain, get out of bed in the morning without feeling as stiff as an ironing board, and go about your day more freely and with substantially less or no pain in your foot and lower leg.

Yes, it is proven. Using this breakthrough foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package, you will quickly experience a reduction in pain and an increase in the mobility of your foot and lower leg. Gardening, shopping, reaching, carrying, lifting, walking the dog… all these everyday acts will become easy and virtually if not completely pain free for you.

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It’s The Most Wonderful Breakthrough For Foot & Lower Leg Pain Suffers In The Last 100 Years

Can I guarantee you will be pain free?

Absolutely. That’s why I have arranged this special 100 day, 100% risk free trial for you. You are 100% non committed. Simply, if you are not completely amazed that your foot and lower leg pain simply seems to ‘dissolve’ away without surgery, drugs or injections… and stays pain free…you simply return the foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package and not owe one penny.

If You Are Suffering With Foot & Lower Leg Pain Right Now, You 100% Can Reduce Your Pain By At Least 50 – 75% And In Many Cases By 100%...

Even if you have had your pain for countless years… even if you are severely physically restricted by your pain… even if you have a multitude of other medical conditions…even if you take a handful of tablets each day… even if you have tried just about everything and nothing has worked for you…No matter what age you are (our oldest client is 98)… you can substantially reduce or even completely eliminate the pain you are experiencing.

And most importantly, it works on all types of joint and muscle related conditions. In fact, all of the following foot and lower leg conditions are helped with this foot and lower leg pain relief package;

• Arthritis, Osteo and Rheumatoid
• Osteoporosis
• Fibromyalgia
• Polymyalgia Rheumatica
• Cartilage problems
• Ligament problems

Let me be crystal clear:

You cannot compare this foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package with anything you have tried before. It works completely differently to any of the following treatments:

• Tens
• Acupuncture
• Reflexology
• Osteopathy
• Chiropractic
• Massage
• Physiotherapy
• Steroid injections
• Nerve blocks

If you have received any or all of these treatments and they haven’t resolved your pain, let me assure you the foot and lower leg pain relief package will.

Here’s How The Foot & Lower Leg Pain Relief
 Package Conquers Foot & Lower Leg Pain

Chinese, American, Russian, German and UK scientific studies have discovered that sufficiently strong magnets (not fridge or toy magnets) placed over and around an injury reduces pain and swelling.

The magnetic field created by placing magnets around your foot and lower leg, which are completely safe and harmless, penetrate deep into the muscle and tissue surrounding an injury. The magnetic relieves the pressure on your nerves responsible for the pain you feel.

What’s more, the same magnetic field stimulates the production of more red blood cells which provides a rich, fresh supply of oxygen and healing nutrients to the effected area. Most importantly, the blood carries a vast amount of endorphins (hormone) which are your body’s natural painkillers directly to where the pain is.

Absolutely NO Side Effects

There is absolutely, 100% no side effects or invasion from the foot and lower leg pain relief package. It does not alter the way your body works. In short, very simply, it stabilises and realigns the tissues, cells and blood therefore accelerating the healing of an injured area.

It is non toxic, drug and chemical free— entirely safe— no matter what your condition (apart from if you wear a pacemaker) — yet it rapidly relieves you of pain ongoing.

You are perfectly safe to use it if you take prescribed or non prescribed (supplements) medication. It does not interfere with any tablets regardless of how many you take each day, or what they are. You are completely safe using this package.

5 Additional Health Benefits You Will Notice When You Start Using The Foot & Lower Leg Pain Relief Package

This foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package also;

• Improves your circulation
• Encourages deep, long and restful sleep
• Maintains a toxin free body
• Induces an abundance of energy
• Strengthens your immune system

How? In layman’s terms, the foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package speeds up blood flow and causes several things to happen in your body:

1. Firstly, your circulation is improved. Basically the blood flows around your body more effectively, so you get greater oxygenation and nutrients to your organs, muscles, joints and limbs.

2. Secondly, the foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package helps to balance your hormone levels. What this means is, the hormones— insulin, serotonin, endorphin, and melatonin— are more readily available and better regulated. When your melatonin (the hormone which induces sleep) levels have regained their optimum concentration, you will enjoy a deep and restful sleep (maybe the first time for months or years).

3. Thirdly, the magnetic field aids the body in realigning the positive and negative ions which are present in every cell. Your cells are like little batteries each with a positive and negative end. If you put batteries in your radio the wrong way around it won’t work. The same principal applies to your cells.

4. When the positive and negative areas of your cells are the wrong way around, fluid rushes into the cell causing damage. You can have between 2-3 litres of toxin-laden fluid floating around inside your tissues, when the positive and negative are misaligned.

5. Magnets push the cells back into perfect alignment (realign the positive and negatives) so that any excess fluid and toxins are forced out of the tissues and flushed out of the body when you go to the toilet. You can “wee” up to 2 litres of unwanted, excess, toxin-laden fluid once you start using the foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package.

6. Fourth, the combination of your increased circulation and the elimination of toxins will allow your heart to take a rest. You will have less fluid to push around your body and your blood will be flowing more efficiently which means your heart will not have to work as hard. Your blood pressure and pulse rate will naturally begin to lower and you will feel a tremendous boost in energy levels. In a nutshell, you will have a terrific feeling of wellbeing.

7. Lastly, the accumulative result of more oxygen, more nutrients, balanced hormones and a rested heart results in a strengthened immune system. You will be less likely to catch “bugs” and viruses. You will be able to fight infections better and ward off coughs and colds. Your immune system protects your body from attack and harm. To protect your body your immune system must be strong and healthy.

My Story:
“How I Vanquished All Over Body Pain”

Eight years ago, I was suffering excruciating pain. I have osteoarthritis in my back, hands, shoulder, neck, knees and feet. Eight years ago I was at my wits end; I simply couldn’t face another day in pain.

My feet were my worst area at the time. I struggled with the pain in other areas of my body, but there wasn’t a single action that I could do without my feet hurting, the pain was constant 24/7.

I was still working as a community nurse and driving from patient to patient coupled with the steps and stairs, plus helping the patients themselves made my foot pain intolerable. It wasn’t very long before I was unable to walk.

My GP sent me for an x-ray which showed that my bones were collapsing and constantly pressing on my nerves which caused the constant stabbing and burning pain in the feet and up my leg. His opinion was that I would be wheelchair bound within 2 years. I was only 49 at the time and the news came as a devastating blow.

Stuck at home unable to walk my collie dog or drive or garden I became very self absorbed and depressed. I really didn’t think that there was any hope for me at all. My life seemed like an endless road of misery stretching out before me.

One Day, An Envelope Through The Letterbox Changed My Life Forever

The letter talked about magnetic therapy. I had never heard about it before and was extremely sceptical. It professed to relieve arthritic pain. As a trained nurse, I found it hard to believe the claims that it made.

I would normally have thrown it in the bin and dismissed it with contempt, but something stopped me. I had hit rock bottom and I couldn’t have been more desperate for relief, so I decided to give it a try, what could I lose? There was a money back guarantee so I thought if it disappointed me by having no results, at least I would get my money back.

Imagine my surprise when three weeks later I could put my shoes on, without screaming in agony. I had worn a pair of thin insoles with magnets inside for around 2 ½ weeks and my pain was subsiding. It was still there but dulled and no longer stabbing or burning. I could move at last! Over the next 6 weeks my feet went from strength to strength, and eventually was completely pain free.

Today, I use the foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package which includes drinking magnetic water and wearing magnetic shoe insoles. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the foot and lower leg pain relief package I would most definitely be in a wheelchair now. I have my life back again....

Yes, Within Just 3 Weeks I Was Free Of Pain That Had Haunted Me For Years

The truth is the foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package works fast within just weeks of starting to use it you will feel your foot and lower leg pain dissolve considerably or even go completely.

What’s more, virtually everybody who uses this recommended foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package loses their pain and experiences greatly increased mobility. Even better, about 63% of users are able to significantly reduce the amount of pain killers they take. 35% no longer need painkillers at all.

The foot and lower leg pain relief treatment package is a breakthrough in pain management and relief with the added important benefit of physically freeing immobile joints.

Here’s What The Breakthrough Foot & Lower Leg Care Package Includes…

1. A pair of 100 x 500 gauss magnetic shoe insoles

Your legs will benefit from the wide spread magnetic field which is produced by the magnetic shoes insoles. Your circulation from toes to knees will be radically improved. Not only will your feet enjoy a greater degree of pain relief and increased mobility, but also any circulatory problems such as swollen ankles, cramps, burning, leg ulcers and restless legs will be almost completely resolved. The gently raised texture (there are no hard protruding magnets) of the insoles also stimulates your acupressure points to further stimulate greater circulation.

2. A 2,300 gauss Magnetic Water Wand

Scientific discoveries have revealed that when you drink water which has been sufficiently magnetised using (a 2,300 gauss or above magnetisation has been found to be most effective) the effects of the magnetism travel into the stomach are absorbed into the blood stream through the bowel wall, it is then rapidly distributed around the whole body.

Plus, the magnetic field that is circulating around the body has the same effect on the inside as the magnetic field has on the outside of the body. It will reduce inflammation and increase blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues, especially around any damaged areas. The bonus effect is, when you drink magnetised water you are tackling your problem from inside and outside at the same time.

This two sided approach increases the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain, plus it also speeds up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of the magnetic field by up to an amazing 6-10 times. It increases circulation, reduces blood pressure, eliminates excess fluid and toxins in the body. You also benefit from increased energy levels, a sense of well being and pain relief. Just drinking 4 or more glasses a day will give all of these benefits. Remarkable? Yes it is.

The magnetic water wand is 14cm (5¾ inch) long and looks like a pen with a ball at the end. The long lasting, lime scale resistant rhodium coating protects the 2, negative pole, magnets inside, totalling 2300 gauss (230 m Tesla, super strength magnets). Because you are actually placing the magnets directly into the water the magnetic field penetrates the water extremely quickly. This is the fastest and most efficient way to magnetise water.

3. A 20 x 2,400 gauss magnetic bed pad

Magnetic Bed Pad Your body heals by the greatest degrees at night whilst you sleep. That is when most of the healing work is done. Sleeping on a 20 x 2,400 gauss magnetic pad dramatically boosts your body’s natural healing process; reducing the time it takes for your pain to be resolved.

What Does It Cost?

You would expect the Foot & Lower Leg Pain Relief Package with it’s amazing ability to reduce foot and lower leg pain or even ‘dissolve’ it way altogether to be as much as £250 or even £300.

Remarkably, this entire Package is just £84.95

Try Your Foot & Lower Leg Pain Relief Package Treatment For 180 days Without Risking A Single Penny

I have arranged for you to try your Foot & Lower Leg Pain Relief Treatment Package with absolutely no risk for an unusually long 180 days. Within those 180 days, your pain and swelling is virtually guaranteed to be relieved. —But if (and it will be unusual)— after at least 170 days of continuous use, your pain and swelling has not been virtually or completely resolved, I want you to return the package and I will send you a full 100% refund.

The only reason we can offer you this exceptional guarantee is because experience has proven that mild, moderate and even severe pain in the foot and lower leg has been relieved in thousands of foot and lower leg pain sufferers using the Foot & Lower Leg Pain Relief Package recommended in this letter.

Actually, the risk we take in providing you with this long guarantee is very small.

The likelihood is your pain will be gone or greatly reduced and your mobility will be recovered as you apply and use the Foot & Lower Leg Pain Relief Package as described in this letter.

Nevertheless, if you are the one in hundreds whose pain is not substantially removed, and whose movements are almost entirely freed up with the Foot & Lower Leg Pain Relief Treatment Package we do not want you to pay for it.

On The Strength Of This 100%, 100 day, No Risk Guarantee Get Your Foot & Lower Leg Pain Relief Treatment Package Today -  And Your Free Bonus!

Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Pain Relief Package
Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Pain Relief Package

This package contains a pair of magnetic shoe insoles, a magnetic bed pad and a water wand.

Shoe Size:
Price: £98.25

Order your foot and lower leg Package today and get ready for a substantial or complete freedom from pain in just a few short weeks. It is my great pleasure to help you relieve your foot and lower leg pain.

All my very best

Dee Parsons

Pain nurse specialist/
Magnetic Therapist

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