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Purchase of goods from World of Magnets, terms and conditions of sale

1. Your right to cancel. The consumer (known as you) in accordance with the UK distance selling regulations has the right to cancel an order which has been placed by mail-order or via the internet. You have seven days from the date you received the goods to notify World of Magnets (known as us), in writing, that you wish to cancel your order. You are responsible for the return of the goods supplied to you and you are responsible for the cost of returning the goods to us. The goods must be received by us in their original packaging and they must be unused. Your original receipt/invoice must be included with the goods. A refund of the purchase price, will be made within 30 days of receipt of goods. This is a UK only right to cancel and does not apply to non UK consumers.

2. Return of Goods. Return of goods will only be accepted under the following conditions:

i. Faulty goods. Faulty or defective goods may be returned for either a refund, an exchange, a credit note or a reduction in the purchase price. Faulty goods will not be accepted if you damage the goods yourself or they have been subject to normal wear and tear. All goods are subject to a one year manufacturing guarantee. If a fault occurs within 12 months from the date of purchase the original cost of the goods (excluding postage) will be refunded if the good cannot be repaired or replaced.

ii. For an exchange. If you have purchased an item and wish to exchange it for another item of equal or higher value you may do so, providing the goods are returned unused in the original packaging and you include your original receipt. When returning goods always return them to the address which is printed on the top of your invoice. You are responsible for the cost of returning the goods and if you are returning the goods for an exchange for a different item you must pay return postage for the exchanged goods to be returned back to you.

3. Delivery of Goods. Delivery of your goods will be as following:

i. In stock items will be delivered within 5 working days. (in exceptional circumstances stock items will be delivered within 30 days)

ii. Non stock items will be delivered within 30 days. (in exceptional circumstances your order may take longer than 30 days, if this occurs you will be notified and you maybe offered a substitute, if your goods will take longer than 30 days you have the option of cancelling your order.).

4. Refunds. Refunds will only be issued in the following circumstances:

i. When you are exercising your right to cancel your order under the 7 day cancellation period. If you request a refund after the 7 day cooling off period , and the goods are not faulty you will not be entitled to a refund. You may however request an exchange or a credit note.

ii. When the goods are faulty. If your goods are faulty you may request a refund, If the goods are damaged or subject to normal wear and tear you will not be entitled to a refund. iii. Under the 90 day money back guarantee. See section 5 for full details of this guarantee. Refunds will not be issued against goods where you have simply changed your mind about wanting the goods. Refunds will not be issued against goods where you have been advised by a company representative or by the product suitability information provided in our catalogue or on our website, this includes the size of goods, and you have chosen a product which was deemed by a company representative or by the information provided by the company to be unsuitable (or the incorrect size) for the purpose which you have purchased it. You are responsible for the cost of returning the goods to us when claiming a refund. The goods must be returned in their original packaging, with the original receipt.

5. 180 day money back guarantee. If you do not gain any benefit from the goods after 170 days of continued use, you may claim a full refund of the purchase price of your goods within 180 days providing your claim meets the following criteria:
i. The goods must have been used, as per the instructions for use, daily for a minimum of 170 days from the date of receipt of goods.
ii. All goods must show signs of at least 170 days wear and tear. All goods which are returned under this policy will be examined by 2 members of staff to ascertain the amount of wear and tear of the goods, if it is deemed by 2 members of staff that the goods do not show evidence of at least 170 days wear and tear you will not be entitled to a refund.
iii. You must demonstrate that you have not received any significant benefit from the goods within 180 days of purchase of the goods. If your symptoms have not been resolved by even a small amount within 180 days you will be issued with a refund. However if your symptoms have been reduced at all within 180 days you will not be entitled to a refund. You may be asked to provide proof of failure to gain benefit and this may include evidence of any prescription medication that you are taking or a supporting letter from your GP, or evidence of pre and post use pain scores.
iv. You must return the goods in the original packaging and with the original invoice. The goods must be received by us within 180 days of purchase. Any goods returned after 180 days of the purchase date will not be liable for refund under this policy. You are responsible for the cost of returning the goods back to us for inspection. The Snore Free is exempt from the 180 day money back guarantee, for the reason of personal hygiene. Horse rugs and specially designed custom orders are also exempt from the 180 day money back guarantee or refund Policy. This policy is in addition to your legal statutory rights.

6. Sizing. Where a product is available in more than one size details of all sizes are supplied, both within our catalogue and on our website, instructions for choosing the correct size accompany each product (were applicable). If you purchase an item and do not follow the advice given by a company representative or by the product information supplied with the product description you will not be entitled to a refund. All sizes are quoted in cm or inches and are clearly denoted by each applicable product.

i. Mattress covers. All mattress cover sizes are in UK standard sizes. The terms single, double and king size refer to UK standard sizes only. If your bed is a size that is not standard to the UK, for example USA sizes you must measure your bed before placing your order to ensure that you choose the correct size. The size of each mattress cover is shown in cm or inches beside each mattress cover product. If you order a mattress cover without first ensuring it will fit your bed size you will not be entitled to a refund or exchange.

7. Currency. All prices stated in the catalogue , on the website or by a company representative are in Great Britain Pounds (GBP). If you purchase goods via our catalogue, website or via a company representative you will be quoted a price in GBP. If you are purchasing from overseas your credit card will be debited in your local currency. It is your responsibility to check what the goods you have purchased will cost in your own currency. You are not eligible for a refund if you are not aware of the cost of the goods in your own currency. The website provides a free currency converter which will give you the current exchange rate from GBP to your own currency. Once you have placed your order you have entered into a contractual agreement to purchase the goods in GBP. We are not responsible for any changes in exchange rates or for any charges made to you by your credit card company for the exchange of currency.

8. Statutory Legal Rights. UK consumer law is the applicable law governing the sale of goods by World of Magnets Ltd, via mail-order, in person and via the internet. A copy of your UK statutory consumer rights can be obtained from TRADING STANDARDS CENTRAL. or from THE OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING.

9. Purchase of goods. When you purchase goods or services either in person, by mail-order or via the internet you are entering into a legally binding contract. The contract requires us to supply the goods in a working order and as stated in the product description to you within 30 days. You are required to pay for the goods which you ordered before your receive them, providing they are in full working order and are as per the product description. Refusal to pay for goods or cancellation of your order after 7 working days of receipt is a breach of contract and we are entitled to claim compensation for any loss of profit resulting from your breach of contract. 


1.Wear the magnetic product as close to the point of pain as possible.

2. Do not wear your product too tight. Straps must fit comfortably around area of pain.

3. Do wear your product 24 hours a day for the first 4 weeks or until your pain has subsided.

4.Do not wear magnets near an open wound.

5. Do not wear magnets if:

You are pregnant.

You have a heart pacemaker.

You have an insulin pump.

6. Do not expect instant results. Most users find 2-4 weeks are required before good results are achieved.

7. A magnetic bracelet can affect the function of a non quartz watch. If you use a non quartz watch, wear your bracelet on the other wrist.


All chain bracelets, open ended bracelets, necklaces and rings are gold and silver plated over copper base metal. To ensure protection of the plating please follow these instructions.

1.Do not immerse your jewellery in harsh cleaning chemicals. i.e. bleach, abrasive granules/cream cleaners, liquid cleansers and washing up liquid.

If possible remove jewellery whilst using chemicals, or cover with rubber gloves.

2.If the jewellery does come into contact with the above, the plating will wear quickly and may become discoloured or may rub away to expose the base metal, this is not detrimental to the functioning of the product merely a cosmetic discoloration.

3.Refunds will not be issued against jewellery that has been discoloured or worn due to the immersion in chemical substances.


4. Hematite, pearl bead bracelets and necklaces, will not discolour or wear but if immersed into the chemicals, listed in point 1, they will become dull. For this reason please treat in the same manner as the gold/silver plated jewellery.

5. Bead/pearl necklaces are strung on thin wires. These wires are strong and withstand normal wear and tear. Do not subject them to excess stress i.e. heavy pulling.

6. Refunds will not be issued against necklaces and bracelets that have broken due to neglect or accidental damage.

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