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Listen to Debbie Shimadry - Specialist Pain Nurse and magnetic therapist talk live on numerous BBC radio stations as an expert health guest.

Follow the links below to select which show you would like to listen to.
(you will need either Windows Media player or Real player installed on your computer. If you don't you can download these players for free by clicking on the images at the bottom of the page)

BBC Radio Lincolnshire (22 June 2007) Consumer Trial -
6 months later

BBC Radio South Yorkshire (18 June 2007)

BBC Radio Lincolnshire (01 December 2006) Consumer Trial - Results

BBC Radio Leicester (19 September 2006) Consumer Trial - Results
BBC Radio York (18 July 2006) Consumer Trial - Results
BBC Radio Lancashire (15 June 2006)
BBC Radio York (25 April 2006) Consumer Trial
BBC Radio Derby (18 April 2006)
BBC Radio Cornwall (28 March 2006)
BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester (15 March 2006)
BBC Radio Northamptonshire (01 March 2006)
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (27 February 2006)
BBC Radio Essex (24 February 2006)
BBC Radio York (01 February 2006)
BBC Radio Sheffield (22nd January 2006)
BBC Radio Berkshire (20th January 2006)
Saga FM (11th January 2006)
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (09th January 2006)
BBC Radio York (09th January 2006)
BBC Radio 5 Live (06th January 2006)
BBC Radio Derby (05th December 2005)
BBC Radio York (29th November 2005)
BBC Radio Lincolnshire (7th November 2005)
BBC Radio Nottingham (October 2005)
BBC Radio Cleveland (September 2005)
BBC Radio York (May 2005)
BBC Radio Leeds (April 2005)
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