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Dee Parsonís RN Dip (MC) MT 1- Hour Telephone Interview With Louise Winters RN Dip HC MC Chairperson Of The Magnetic Therapy Council - April 2007

Dee: A common mistake is not leaving the magnets in place for long enough. Magnets need to be worn 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The magnets begin to work the moment you first place them on and as you keep them in place day and night it will only be a matter of 3-6 weeks on average before pain relief is felt.

What will happen is, as the magnetic field starts to reduce inflammation (swelling) and increase endorphin (the bodyís own painkillers) levels, to regain mobility and movement. Over a period of days or a few weeks the benefits gradually increase over the next few weeks. As long as the magnets are left in place day and night this process happens in 93% of people, whoa are using the correct device and strength for their pain.

Itís natural to be impatient and we all seem to live in a world of instant gratification, where we want results instantly. With magnetic therapy you must be prepared to have a little patience and wait a short while for the results to become evident. If you take the magnets off after just a day or two then no benefit or relief whatsoever will be felt.

In my opinion if you have had severe pain for many years waiting a few weeks for that pain to be resolved is not too much to ask.

Louise: Why should people use magnets during the night, what extra benefits do the magnets give at night-time?

Dee: When you think about it logically, sleeping on magnets makes a lot of sense. When we are asleep our body automatically slows down our heart rate and respiration rate, we enter into a rest phase our body doesnít need so much energy to function. The excess resources of oxygen and nutrients that are available during sleep are directed to the areas that need them the most, namely injured areas, it is at night-time when most of your bodyís healing takes place.

Sleeping on magnets actually stimulates and enhances this natural process. The magnets dramatically boosts the bodyís natural healing process; reducing the time it takes for your pain to be relieved and for your mobility to be increased.

I am a firm advocate of sleeping on magnets, they encourage copious supplies of oxygen, healing nutrients and pain killing hormones all over the body. They regulate the sleep hormone melatonin promoting deep and restful sleep and they leave the user rested and energised on waking in the morning.

Louise: Can people use too many magnets?

Dee: I get asked this question a lot, itís is a very common misconception. The magnetic therapy field created from a medical magnet canít harm the body. There is an electromagnetic current in all living things, including humans, it is essential for cellular function. The magnetic field that flows from magnetic therapy devices is the same as the current that occurs naturally in our body.

As an example, an MRI (magnetic resonance imager) scanner used in hospitals for diagnosis purposes emits a magnetic field of around 450,000 gauss, (a medical magnet is usually a maximum of 3,000 gauss). People enter the scanner and have 450,000 gauss of magnetism forced through their body with absolutely no harmful effects.

Louise: Is there anything else that users can do to ensure that they get the best possible benefits from their magnets?

Dee: One of the quickest and simplest ways to get the best benefits from magnetic therapy is to treat the body from the outside in and inside out at the same time. I know that this nay sound complicated but itís actually very simple to do.

You treat the body from outside in by wearing magnetic products directly over the area of pain as we discussed earlier. You then, in-conjunction with wearing magnets on the body, drink magnetic water which treats the body from the inside out.

Louise: Iím sorry to interrupt Dee, but can you please explain just what magnetic water is and what it does?

Dee: Yes, I was coming to that, most people find it a bit strange when I start talking about magnetic water so I will try to explain what it is without being too technical.

All water in its natural state (from rivers, streams, springs that has not been treated by chemicals) is naturally magnetised. This is because the Earth itself is a gigantic magnet (gravity is a magnetic field) with a north and a south pole. All water before it is treated holds a magnetically charged by the Earthís magnetic field.

Magnetic water has several very beneficial properties: it aids absorption of nutrients from our food, it aids digestion, it detoxifies the blood, it regulates hormone levels particularly insulin, serotonin, melatonin and endorphin, it lowers high blood pressure and it increases the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain, plus it also speeds up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of the magnetic field by up to an amazing 6-10 times.

The water that comes out of the tap has been chemically treated and transported in lead pipes; this destroys the naturally occurring magnetisation (also called ionisation) in the water. By introducing a water magnet (shaped like a stick with a ball on the end) to your tap, filtered or bottled water for 15 minutes you re-magnetise the water and with it gain its substantial benefits.
Just 4 glasses a day is enough to see quite dramatic differences in a persons pain levels, but it canít be used alone it must be used in-conjunction with magnets directly over the area of pain.

I personally feel that everyone, whether they have pain or not, should drink magnetic water. Itís how nature intended us to drink it and there are a wealth of health benefits to be had from drinking it. It canít harm you and does not interfere with any medications or treatments and it does not alter your body in anyway.

Louise: Before we finish do you have any last tips for people who havenít yet found natural pain relief with magnets?

Dee: Well quite frankly there are so many other things that we havenít had time to talk about, but I know our time is running out so I will try very quickly to cover the most important things.

Firstly, users must always make sure that they are using medical grade magnets. Medical grade magnets are not kike your common garden fridge magnets, they are much stronger. For instance a fridge magnet is about 50-150 gauss and a medical magnet must be at least 800 gauss to be of any use. So you can see the difference.

And if you have moderate or severe pain or you have had pain for a long time then 2,000 Ė 3,000 gauss magnets would be needed. I always advise people that regardless of where they buy their magnetic products from, they should always ascertain the strength of the magnets and the number of magnets. They should be at least 800 gauss per magnet.

If the retailer will not tell you the strength of their magnets or does not know the strength of their magnets then simply walk away. You should NEVER buy any therapeutic magnetic device if you do not know the strength of it!

Secondly, I would suggest to anyone who is using magnets in the right place and has the correct strength and is using them 24/7 but still not benefiting, that they check that they are using the correct pole.

A magnet has a north pole and a south pole and both poles have completely different actions. The north pole has calming, soothing properties, regeneration properties whilst the south has stimulating, healing and growth properties.

In magnetic therapy we primarily use the north pole to the skin to calm, soothe, reduce inflammation and encourage healing of soft tissue damage. If you are unsure about which pole you are using I would recommend that users check with the supplier as a south pole to the skin can be the reason for not receiving benefits.

My final piece of advice is if you are considering using magnets or are using them without your desired result you should consult a trained and qualified magnetic practitioner. You wouldnít take advice about a heart condition from the girl on the supermarket checkout and the same principal applies to magnetic therapy, magnets are after all a medical devices and should be treated with the same reverence as conventional medical treatments.

Magnetic therapy provides a host of health benefits providing you use it correctly, ensure you are treating the right condition with the right magnetic device and get the correct strength and application for your needs.

Louise: Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to talk to me today, youíve cleared up many of the most common mistakes when using magnets and I hope that current and potential users of magnetic therapy take your advice onboard.

My advice to you is this, call Dee herself (0115 8226296) if you have bought just one magnetic therapy product and its not working. As you have just read, thereís a reason, call her up and she will tell you that reason.

But she needs to know your specific ailment, your specific condition, type and severity of pain. She canít tell you anything worth while generically, call her and tell her about your problems, so she understands your specific pain.

Sheís not going to try to sell you anything sheís just going to listen to your story and tell you the truth about your pain and then itís up to you what you do.


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