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Dee Parsonís RN Dip (MC) MT 1- Hour Telephone Interview With Louise Winters RN Dip HC MC Chairperson Of The Magnetic Therapy Council - April 2007

Exposed The Shocking Truth About Magnets Why Most Magnetic Therapy Fails To WorkÖ

A dozen Tips and hints about how to gain relief from pain and how to increase mobility without pain killers. 34 years of pain relief wisdom and knowledge revealed in these pagesÖ

   Hereís an exclusive, copy of a private one hour call between Dee Parsons and Magnetic Therapy Council Chairperson Louise Winters RN Dip HC, MT recorded earlier this week. If you have ever used or are considering using magnets for pain then you canít afford not to read the revelations in this transcript.

   Louise interviews 34 year veteran pain nurse specialist Dee Parsons RN Dip (MC) MT from World of Magnets. Contained in these pages is the wisdom of 34 years of caring for patients with severe chronic and acute pain.

Louise: Hello Dee, Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today.

Dee: Hi Louise, itís my pleasure, Iím very pleased to be helping you out.

Louise: Great let's get straight down to it. Through our extensive surveying of magnetic therapy users the Magnetic therapy Council (MTC) has found that as many as 60% of people who try magnetic therapy report that they didnít receive any benefits. We now understand that there are at least ten different reasons why this occurs, can you explain them to me?

Dee: Youíre right in your findings Louise; our own research has led us to the same conclusion. But at the same time we were able to identify the reasons for this and I must admit the reasons are very simple and quite straight forward to correct.

For starters, the main reason that people do not benefit from using magnetic therapy is that they are actually not using it correctly. Let me illustrate this point:

In 2006 we surveyed 2596 people who purchased a magnetic bracelet. We asked them to tell us what area of pain they were treating with the bracelet. The results were quite shocking, 883 were wearing the magnetic bracelet bracelet to treat back pain, 597 for wrist or hand pain, 545 for knee pain, 337 for neck pain, 260 for shoulder pain and 182 for foot pain.

Louise: You said the results were shocking can you elaborate?

Dee: Well itís very simple really, magnetic bracelets cannot and will not relieve pain in knees, back, feet, ankles, thighs, hips, shoulders, necks or anywhere else on your body apart from your wrist, hand and fingers. This is by far the biggest and most dangerous, to your pocket, myth about magnets that has ever been created. I cannot emphasise the importance of understanding this point enough. In a nutshell, therapeutic magnets work in this way; they act locally around the area that they are placed, to improve the blood flow around the injury and itís very near surrounding tissue. The laws of physics prevent magnets working in any other way. It simply canít be because the very nature of a magnetic field is to act in this way.

Louise: So what results did the people using a magnetic bracelet for pain in other areas other than the hand or wrist get?

Dee: Thatís the bit that isnít surprising about the survey, those people that used the magnetic bracelet for back, neck, shoulder, knee and foot did not get any relief from their pain and the vast majority 2076 in fact had either thrown their bracelet away or given it to someone else to try. In the survey they were asked if they thought magnetic therapy worked and they either replied with a frank no or they answered that it may work for some but certainly not for them.

Louise: What should people learn from this?

Dee: The most important lesson to take from this is always wear magnets directly over your area of pain and by doing this you will give yourself the best chance of feeling a benefit. Also people should understand that just because they have tried one type of magnet and it didnít work for them not to dismiss magnetic therapy altogether because there is a very strong possibility that they were not using the correct magnet for their needs. The vast majority of the 2076 people who did not benefit from wearing the magnetic bracelet would have benefited had they used the correct device for their specific pain area.

Louise: What other common reasons are there why users donít benefit from magnetic therapy?

Dee: When trying to establish why someone has not benefited from magnetic therapy the second thing we look at is are they using the correct strength of magnet?

Not all magnets are created equal. Making sure that you have the correct strength of magnet will be the difference between relieving pain gaining absolutely no benefit whatsoever. Itís absolutely vital for any one who is currently using or contemplating using magnets to thoroughly understand what is the appropriate strength of magnets to use for healing purposes.

A minimum strength per magnet is required to ensure that the magnetic field is powerful enough to penetrate through the skin and into the blood stream. If a magnet does not have a minimum of 800 gauss (the unit of magnetic measurement is called gauss) then it will not penetrate into the skin.

The stronger the magnet the deeper the penetration into the skin and the wider magnetic field, so for more serious ailments and chronic, longstanding conditions such as arthritis for example, stronger magnets are recommended. 1,500-2,000 gauss magnets are considered to be high strength.

For extreme pain and very severe conditions super strength magnets are advocated. These are magnets that have a gauss rating of 3,000 or above. Super strength magnets are rapidly gaining in popularity as they such a deep level of penetration and create a very large magnetic field. Results are more rapid with this strength of magnet. They are recommended for people who suffer with severe pain, for example from fibromyalgia, M.S., M.E. and severe arthritis.

When speaking to people who have not benefited but are wearing magnets over their area of pain we commonly find that they are wearing weak magnets that are less than 800 gauss in strength, or they are wearing an 800 gauss magnet when the severity of their condition warrants a much stronger magnet.

Louise: What do you suggest these people do?

Dee: The advice is always the same. Find out what strength of magnets you require, place the correct strength device directly over or as close as possible to the area of pain and leave it in place 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the pain has gone.

Louise: What other things do people do that could prevent their magnets from working?

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