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Can I overdose on magnetic therapy?

In one word NO - You cannot overdose on magnetic therapy. Medical healing magnets do not work the same way as drugs. You can overdose on drugs because they are chemicals that your body (liver) needs to excrete before it gets to harmful levels in your system.

That's why you have to wait for a said amount of time before taking more drugs and only at the prescribed dosage. Otherwise it can have catastrophic effects.

Magnetic therapy treatments on the other hand works in a totally different way. There is no harmful chemicals involved. It is totally natural and safe for the body. The body does not have to get rid of some magnetism before you can add more as it is the case with drugs.

There is no maximum dosage of magnetic strength and you cannot wear too many magnets. An MRI scanner (magnetic resonance imaging scanner) uses magnetic fields to scan the body for disease and injuries. They are used in hospitals every single day without any harmful side effects. An MRI scanner emits a magnetic strength of approximately 500,000 gauss which is significantly stronger than the magnetic strength of 25 medical magnetic products.

There is no maximum time limit for using healing magnets. They can be worn permanently without any adverse effects.

Many people choose to wear their magnetic products all the time without a break, even if they do not have any pain, because they do not want a reoccurrence of the symptoms once the magnets are removed.

Remember that healing magnets only work when they in contact with your body surface at the point of pain or as close as possible to the point of pain. You cannot use magnet therapy the same way as you use conventional drug treatment.

You cannot for example wear your magnets for a one hour period 3 times a day. You won't get much benefit as the magnetic field has to be permanently at your area of pain to gain relief.

Although, you may remove the healing magnets once your pain is gone. You might not get any pain for a few days may be even weeks; but BEWARE, your pain will return eventually. The key to successful treatment is to keep your magnetic products on especially in the first 4 to 8 weeks of the therapy.

Get your magnetic therapy treatment package today and start enjoying freedom from pain and discomfort without having to worry about dosage or how often to use it.

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