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Are there any side effects or risks involved when using magnetic therapy?

There are no known side effects to using medical magnetic treatments.

Healing magnets are totally safe and they do not contain any chemicals or drugs. Unless you have one of the conditions listed here, you may use magnetic therapy and you will not suffer any side effects or risks whatsoever.

Some people report that they feel warm or hot for the first few days, especially at the point where the magnets are placed. This feeling is entirely normal and happens because their circulation is improving and their body is better perfused than before.

It's a little bit like when you exercise, your body gets hot due to the increased blood circulation (perfusion). The feeling will settle after a few days as your system gets used to it and readjusts.

Others have documented that they feel tingling and slight dizziness for the first few days of use and once again this is due to the increased blood circulation and it will also settle very quickly as your body get used to it.

Very rarely people have commented that they have developed a rash, or redness or that they have felt nauseous as soon as they have put their magnets on.

There is absolutely no physiological reason for this to occur. It cannot be and allergic reaction as it does not fit the pattern of an anaphylactic reaction. All the patients who have experienced these phenomenon report that as soon as the magnets are removed the symptoms dissipate straight away.

This also supports the evidence that it is not an allergic reaction as an allergic reaction would require drug therapy to reverse the effects simply removing the magnets would not be sufficient.

We do not know for sure why occasionally this happens but the most favoured professional rationale is that the effects are psychosomatic , i.e. that the symptoms have been manifested due to the persons fear and insecurity about using magnets.

When we are nervous and unsure about a situation that is new to us the body goes through many biological processes to help us decide whether the situation is safe or not. The mind plays an important role in telling the body how to react to an unfamiliar situation. If the mind decides that it is safe then you will continue as normal but if the mind decides that the new situation is unsafe then it will take measures to protect itself from potential danger and harm.

This is known as the flight or fight response.

The body decides whether to run for safety or stay and fight. All of this happens in the sub conscious mind and we are not usually aware of the process, until as decision is reached by the mind.
With the use of healing magnets the mind has to decide whether it believes magnets are safe to use or not. Most peoples minds do accept that magnets are not harmful and therefore safe to use and you will not feel any adverse effects from using them.

On the other hand, there are a few people who are worried that the magnets may be harmful and unsafe to use. Their fear grows and if they do not seek reassurance from a trained practitioner to allay their fears, they can begin to manifest “symptoms” like the ones described above.

Their mind is simply playing tricks on them to get them to stop using the magnets so their fear goes away. As soon as the body complies the mind stops producing the “symptoms” and all the rashes, redness or nausea abates almost immediately.

It is natural to be wary and fearsome of the unknown and for most people magnets are very unknown. The best way to prevent unnecessary fear about using magnets is to find out as much information about magnets and how they work as you can.

Also if you have access to one consult as trained magnetic therapist who will be able to answer all of your questions and put your mind at rest.

As discussed above, it is very improbable that you experience an allergic reaction from the magnets itself. However, it must be noted here that you may be allergic to the other materials of the magnetic product. Most magnetic jewellery for example contains some metals; and if you have a metal allergy, then you may develop an allergic reaction.

In that case you can always opt for hematite magnetic products which are usually hypoallergic.

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