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How to make magnetic therapy products work faster?

Many people who uses magnetic therapy to relieve pain finds it difficult to stick to the regime of permanently wearing the magnetic product night and day for weeks; if not months. It can be quite challenging to follow this pain relief treatment especially if you are not noticing marked improvement in your pain level.

Fortunately there is a very effective yet simple solution to make your magnets work faster for you.

The secret to enhance the overall effect of your therapeutic magnets is to use the following combination of magnetic therapy pain relieving products at the same time.

After years of testing, the Magnetic Therapy Council discovered that to achieve maximum benefit fast, one should wear a magnetic product at the point of pain, drink magnetized water and sleep on magnets. Hereís the logic behind this treatment.

Magnets worn at the point of pain achieves great result as the magnetic field can penetrate deeper into the painful area compared to healing magnets that are worn further away from the point of pain. This very important fact is slowly becoming common knowledge amongst users of magnetic therapy treatments. But what is still little known is that if you drink magnetic water and sleep on healing magnets too, the effectiveness of this natural treatment is increased tenfold.

When you drink magnetic water each day, the overall healing effect of the magnets placed on your body has been measured to be as much as ten times greater. And best of all it is perfectly safe to drink magnetized water when taking medication, there are no adverse effects on the body whatsoever. It is totally safe, chemical and drug free. Obviously, when you drink magnetized water you are tackling your problem from inside and outside at the same time. This 2 sided approach will most definitely increase the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain plus it will also speed up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of the magnetic field.

Magnetic water will also detoxify your body, eliminate excess fluid and waste. But whatís even more important, it will increase your energy levels and boost your circulation. Therefore aim to drink at least 4 glasses of magnetic water a day to improve your wellbeing.

The human body heals, recuperate and rejuvenate mostly at night time whilst we are asleep and sleeping on healing magnets boost this process even more. In brief, whilst you are sleeping your body enters itís most productive healing phase. Because you are asleep your organs do not need so much oxygen and this allows the body to concentrate on repairing the damage to your body.

Thatís why when you sleep on very high strength magnets (over 2,000 gauss per magnet) the magnetism is very rapidly absorbed into the tissues and blood stream, up to 3 times quicker than during the day. What this means is the blood flow will be radically improved, so much so that almost all the excess fluid and toxins (puffiness and swelling) in your body will be drawn away and safely excreted, plus the increased blood flow will provide any damaged areas with all the essential healing nutrients needed to kick start the healing process.

So if you are using a magnetic product that is taking a long time to relieve your pain, you can make the natural healing magnets work faster by drinking magnetized water and sleeping on a magnetic pad.

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