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    When you drink the water it goes from your stomach into the bowel and in our bowel we have an area where the nutrients are absorbed from the bowel into the blood stream. The same happens with magnetised water, the magnetic charge is passed through from the bowel into the bloodstream and is then rapidly distributed around the body to all the major organs and all the tissues.

The effects of this are the same as the magnets have on the skin, in that it increases blood flow, reduces inflammation and re-oxygenises the blood and the cells but what the magnetised water also does that the magnets placed on the skin do not do, is when you drink the magnetised water, it actually eliminates toxins from the body; it detoxifies the body. We all keep toxins trapped inside our body from whether we use pain reducing medication, pain killers, tablets for high blood pressure or other medication we get toxins that are stored and trapped in our body because the liver cannot detoxify them properly, environmental pollution also causes toxins to be trapped in our body and similarly, additives and chemicals in food also cause toxins to be trapped in our body.

    We can actually be walking around with an excess 2 litres of fluid in our body that we do not actually need that is holding the toxins in our body. So what the magnetic water does is actually detoxifies the body and safely gets rid by excreting through the kidneys those toxins so they are weeded out over a period of days and we can actually lose up to 2 litres of fluid and provided you continue drinking the water you will not retain that fluid back again. The effects of this is that the heart has a break, we take the pressure off the heart, it does not have to beat so many times a minute to do its work, it does not have to work so hard, blood pressure naturally begins to come down which is why magnetised water is excellent for people with high blood pressure if you have normal blood pressure it wonít reduce your blood pressure to dangerously low levels the body wonít allow this to happen, all it will do is just help take the pressure off the heart.

The blood pressure comes down the effects of this is we do not feel so tired because the heart is not working so we sleep better, we have less headaches, we feel less stressed, we have more energy. You have more energy when you go to bed and when you wake up next morning, you feel refreshed, you have a feeling of well-being, it can also help with blood sugars for people with diabetes because of the positive effects of the hormone insulin in the body.

    So magnetised water sounds as if it is a cure for all, it isnít a cure for all, it is a great overall body tonic but it is not going to take all the pain away from all over your body just by drinking the water because it simply is not strong enough but it is a great, great back up for using magnets placed on the body and for detoxifying. So if you are using magnets on the skin, if you place them on your knee, on your back wherever you are placing magnets on the skin, if you drink magnetised water as well, magnetised water will increase the strength of the magnets placed on your skin by the power of 10. That means they are going to work much faster with a much stronger result you will get pain relief quicker and you will see the benefits last for much longer.

If you use magnets on the skin and your pain is reduced, you can then take your magnets off and you can place them in a drawer, wash them whatever, if you carry on drinking magnetised water every day and you only need four glasses a day, it is going to be a lot longer before your pain starts to come back again because you are continually, regularly on a daily basis topping up your magnetism which means it could be several months before your pain symptoms creep back in because once you take your magnets off, pain will gradually creep back in because magnets are a treatment for the symptoms of chronic ailments.

They are not a cure, we cannot cure things like arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes unfortunately, there is not a cure we can only ever treat the symptoms whether its with drugs or whether its with magnets so drinking magnetised water will dramatically lengthen the time you have before you have to put your magnets back on. So if you are using any magnets on the skin you should really be drinking magnetised water with it.

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