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 4. Magnets placed into jewelry. These will only affect the area in which they are worn and can be useful in long term use of magnets. Magnetic jewelry is probably the most readily available form of magnets and it is probably the most well known, most people have seen magnetic bangles either copper or gold plated, most people have heard about magnetic jewellery. A lot of people believe that magnetic jewelry is a weaker strength and tends to be worn only for cosmetic purposes but that is not always the case, you can find that a lot of market stalls, craft stalls, craft fairs and shopping centre stores that do have very weak gauss jewellery.

    My advice to you is to ask if it is a reputable magnetic medical device, it should say the strength of the product on the packet. If it does not the person selling it should be able to tell you, if a person selling you a magnetic product cannot tell you the strength of the gauss or looks blank when you mention the word gauss – buyer beware if they cannot tell you the strength of the product do not buy it because you may well be getting a product that is no stronger than a fridge magnet and is not going to do you any good.

    Always buy magnetic jewellery from someone that can verify and guarantee the strength of that jewellery and understands the strength process in magnetic jewellery. Having said that you can get very high strength and high quality jewellery which is as effective as wearing magnets on the skin with plasters or wearing straps or using them in bed, you can get high strength stainless steel jewellery that is long lasting and can be worn all the time. You can get magnet jewellery bracelets and necklaces that contain 3000 gauss magnets although if you want 3000 gauss magnets you will have to come to us because we are the only magnetic suppliers and manufacturers in the country that use 3000 gauss.

    The majority of suppliers use a maximum of 2000 gauss, there is a lot of difference between a 3000 gauss magnet and the 2000 gauss magnet. The reason we use the 3000 gauss magnets is because we understand the benefits of the high strength and we understand the way the magnets penetrate into the skin and into the body and we know that there is a phenomenal difference in benefits from a 2000 to a 3000 gauss magnet, they will penetrate such a wider area and they will have a larger depth of penetration therefore they will work quicker and last longer which is why we use them and we have them custom made for us.

    The amount of magnets placed in any one area of the body depends on the strength of each magnet, as a rule of thumb the weaker the magnet the more magnets you will need in any one area to bring about a result therefore the stronger the magnet, the fewer magnets you will need. In general terms although it is very specific to each person and each person’s individual complaint which is why it is so important to get a consultation with a therapist so that you know what strength of magnet and how many you need, the rule of thumb is if you are using 800 gauss magnets you need between 6 and 12 placed around the area of pain to get good results and if you have generalised pain that is not severe and not so chronic then yes 800 gauss magnets will be sufficient if you use 6 or 12 of them around the area of pain. The weaker the magnet the greater the number of magnets will be required to relieve the pain, that is, something to always remember.

For severe pain 1000 gauss to 2000 gauss magnets can be used to give a faster and stronger result, these can be worn around the point of pain and between 8 and 10 of these magnets should be sufficient for severe pain. For the maximum benefit for the shortest period of time or for severe chronic pain in multiple points 3000 gauss magnets have the best healing capacity possible they are unrivalled, they are the ultimate, if you are using 3000 gauss magnets you will get a quicker result because you have more strength there and you will get benefits for a longer period of time that is they will last for a lot longer. The general rule is the stronger the magnet the greater the pain relief and the results will last for much longer.

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