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 3. Magnets sewn inside pillows, mattress covers and bed or chair pads. The function of these is to cover a wide area of the body all at once. They are not appropriate for everybody. Not everybody needs these type of application of magnets, although they are very effective. When we place magnets inside pillows you actually put them in your pillowcase and you rest your head on them and they are very beneficial for anybody suffering from neurological problems or hormonal problems such as insomnia and migraines. The way they work is that the magnets create a large magnetic field around the head.

    The brain has many centres that are stimulated by magnetic fields. Therefore they encourage the brain to secrete more hormones that are required for essential body functions. To release the hormones that regulate migraines, depression and insomnia, magnetic pillow pads are placed at other points in the bed. They can be placed on top of your mattress or under the sheet to get other areas of specific pain such as; painful legs, restless legs, chronic back pain, hip pain and aches and pains you tend to have whilst you are sleeping. If you place a pillow pad and lie on top of it on the area where you have pain they are very ,very effective.

    Mattress covers, have a very large amount of magnets in them in, a single mattress will have around 70 x2600 gauss magnets a double 100x 2600 gauss magnets and a king size 120 x 2600 gauss magnets so that you can see that the magnetic field you are creating from a mattress cover is very very vast and the magnetic field is strong enough to encompass the whole body from top to toe.

    The benefit from this is that people who have severe chronic pain, people whose pain has been chronic for a very long time period of time by this I mean years and pain that is in multiple points round the body if you have arthritis or fibromyalgia if you have any other condition where you have pain in multiple places in the body it can be hard to treat with spot magnets single magnets or even a strap you can find you can end up wearing multiple straps all over your body. Not everybody wants to do this and not everybody feels comfortable walking around with maybe 8 to 10 straps or sets of magnets placed on their body.

    If this is the case the mattress cover can be very effective in that you get so much magnetism during the night that you do not have to wear the magnets during the day. The best time to use the magnets is actually during the night because that is when the body does most of its healing and you get the best benefits from wearing your magnets during the night, which is why we always say to people, always wear your magnets during the day and the night.

    People who have long standing chronic pain and all over body pain will definitely benefit from the mattress cover because it will treat all those areas at once. That is not to say that everybody needs a mattress cover. If you just have a bad back or a bad knee or an area of pain then you donít actually need a mattress cover. The other option is chair or bed pads these tend to be long pads that will actually go from the base of the pillows down the length of the bed they are very good if you have a spouse or partner that does not want to or cannot use magnets then you can actually still benefit from the magnets.

    They are also very useful if you have pain when you sit for long periods of time, if you are one of these people who have pain whilst you are sitting in the car on any journey whether it be a 10 - 15 minutes or a long journey. If you have pain when you are sitting in the evening reading or watching television, then bed and chair pads are very effective because you can be sitting on them whilst you are travelling or whilst you are sitting on the sofa in the evening and they will take away the pain while you are sitting there so it makes it much more comfortable, they can be used whilst sitting in wheelchairs as well. 

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