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    Because the magnetic field is strongest at the point of the magnets. So the magnetic field strength at the wrist will be 2500 3000 gauss but as the magnetic field widens and gets farther away from the source it becomes weaker so by the time it reaches the shoulder it is no longer 2500 -3000 gauss but it is much weaker and may only be 800- 1000 gauss. Which is why we always say wearing the magnets at the point of pain to get the best results.

There are four main ways to apply medical magnets:

 1. Single high strength magnets. These can be placed in a circular pattern around the area of pain when I say single high strength magnets, they can be bar magnets or they can be circular dot magnets however, if you are using spot magnets as they are known in the industry, please, please, please be aware of the strength not all spot magnets are high strength typically the average gauss rating of a spot magnet is around 500 gauss and, as discussed previously, you will know that the minimum required gauss to penetrate through the skin is 800 gauss so therefore, if you use spot magnets of around 500 gauss there would be no effect from them at all and you might not bother wearing them. You can get spot magnets that are high strength and do come in around 1000 gauss strength and they will be able to be applied in circular patterns around the area of pain.

    However, probably the best way to apply them is to use high strength single magnets which can be available in bars or circles which will be around 2500 to 3000 gauss and they can be placed in a circular pattern around the area of pain encircling the area of pain thus creating a large magnetic field surrounding that area of pain. They are not the easiest to use because even if you get them on plasters or if you have them singly you would need to tape them on to the skin using surgical tape or an Elastoplasts type tape which is readily available from chemists. Micropore is one particular brand but you do not have to use that brand, most chemists have their own generic brand which is a lot cheaper.

    The problem is that once you start sticking magnets to your skin, every time you bath or shower you would have to remove them until you had dried off and then replace them and sticky tapes do tend to need to be renewed on a regular basis every few days therefore they are not always the most applicable type of way to use magnets although if you have an area of pain which is hard to reach with another magnetic device then they can be very very useful.

    People who have pain in the base of their shoulder blades can find it very difficult to apply magnets directly to that area of pain therefore single spot magnets or bar magnets applied with tape can be very efficient, similarly with hips it is not always possible to get right to the area of pain with painful hips therefore you can stick magnets on to the hip area right on top of the area of pain and they can be very efficient for these purposes.

 2. Magnets placed into straps, wraps or supports. These are worn over the area of pain. These are probably the easiest way to wear magnets on the body as they can be worn right over the area of pain and they are usually stretch elasticated and Velcro fastenings that are easily adjustable.

    The magnets are actually sewn into the straps or supports and they do come into contact with the skin right over the area of pain probably the most useful and well known way to use magnets and you can get them that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and forms so we can actually get straps, wraps and supports to you to cover most areas of the body if you do not have wraps straps and supports to cover the body they can actually be made and designed specially for other areas of the body so it is possible to get supports or straps on most areas of the body.

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