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    Rubberised magnets have also be found in knee straps and back belts but they crack and split very easily due to the sheer volume of bending at these areas. They are not advisable for these areas of the body.

    Neodymium magnets are the longest lasting and the hardest wearing of all healing magnets. They are the true rare earth magnets and neodymium is the closest substance that is man made, to the original lodestone. Neodymium is made from an iron and boron mixture which gives it the longest lifespan of 10 years. These tend to be the highest strength magnets and can be super strength magnets and they are the preferred type of magnet for healing purposes.

    Magnets get their magnetic charge by being rubbed against a very large and powerful magnet. All magnets whether they are ferrite, ceramic, rubberised or neodymium are magnetised by repeatedly passing them over a large magnet. This is a very similar process to the science experiments we all tried at primary school were you magnetised a paper clip by rubbing it against a magnet. The magnetism behaves like a photographic image, an imprint on the metals surface. Different types of magnets keep their magnetic charge or imprint for differing lengths of time. Neodymium magnets will keep their magnetic imprint for 10 years, after this time the image or imprint will begin to fade just like a photographic image fades and yellows with age. As the magnetic imprint fades the strength of the magnet weakens and soon it loses its charge altogether. When your magnets no longer stick your fridge their lifespan is over and they have to be thrown away. You can not re-magnetise healing magnets, they have to be replaced.

Tesla and Gauss.

    Tesla is an industrial measurement of magnetic strength and is a very large unit of measurement. To large for medical purposes. Gauss is the oldest unit of measurement of magnets and was named after Frederick Gauss whom invented the measurement system. He calculated the strengths of magnets back in the 1800ís. Gauss is not used in industry any more but it is still used in healing magnets as it is a smaller unit of measurement and therefore more accurate for calculating healing doses. Gauss is used for measuring the strength of magnets, the higher the number the stronger the magnet. As an example a fridge magnet will be around 150 -200 gauss which is not very strong. A medical magnet must be at least 800 gauss to be able to penetrate thought he skin and into the tissues. The size of the magnet is not related to its strength. A super strength magnet of around 2500 Ė 3000 gauss may only be 3mm by 2mm which is far far stronger than a larger sized magnet that may be 18 mm but only 800 gauss. If you are unsure about the strength of a magnet then donít use it. It is important that you always know the strength of the magnet that you are using and that each magnet is at least 800 gauss per magnet that you are applying.

Uses and Applications

    Medical magnets come in a wide variety of different forms. There is no one device that is best for everyone. Each individual will require a different prescription of magnets. Magnets are very individual to the user. One personís prescription is not always the same as another personís, even if you have the same complaint. Everybody requires different strengths and positioning of magnets. Some will require stronger magnets because their condition is worse or they are slow to absorb the magnetism. So if one person wears magnets in one area of their body it is not so that you will wear them the same way. Which is why we always recommend that each person has a consultation with a trained therapist to determine which is the best prescription for their individual problems taking into consideration their medical history and any conventional treatment they may be taking.

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