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    Everybody reacts to magnets in a different way. Some people feel the benefits very quickly and their pain will be gone in 48 hours but this is not the normal. At the other end of the scale some people are very slow to absorb the magnetism and they can take up to 4-6 weeks to feel the benefits but they are not the normal either. Most people will feel the benefits with in 2 weeks; this is the average time it takes to feel the results.

    We cannot identify which person will absorb the magnetism quickly and who will take the longer time span. Every person has their own individual reaction and it is impossible to gauge how someone will absorb magnetism until they start to use it. The results can last for several months unlike conventional painkillers which only last for a few hours. Once the pain is alleviated the magnets can be removed and placed in a safe place but as magnetic therapy is not a cure only a treatment for the symptoms the pain will eventually come back and then you will need to put the magnets back on at the first niggles of pain. It can be weeks or months before the pain comes back.

Different types of magnets.

There are several different types of magnet.

1. Ferrite

2. ceramic

3. flexible rubberised

4. Neodymium.

Not all magnets are equal.

    Ferrite magnets are predominately used in industry. They are not the highest grade magnets and are not always the strongest magnets for healing purposes. They can be used in medical devices but their life span is limited and does not last for the maximum ten years that other healing magnets last. Although you will find them in some healing magnets, they can have their uses providing they are a high enough strength.

    Ceramic magnets are used for light industrial and domestic purposes and you are most likely to find them on your fridge as fridge magnets. They are usually a low strength and they have a limited life span. You will find them in magnetic eye masks as they have thermo ceramic properties that is useful in creating a soothing warming effect around the tired facial muscles. The thermo ceramic properties will also stimulate they eye area to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and bags. Ceramic magnets are not used for any other healing purposes.

    Flexible rubberised magnets have a multitude of industrial, domestic and healing purposes. Their main advantage is that they are soft and flexible so they can be used in areas that bend, stretch and move a lot such as the feet. The best magnetic insoles are flexible rubberised as the magnets are moulded into the rubber and this means that they can be made very thin only 2mm thick and the magnets are very tiny compared to other foam based insoles. Their main disadvantage is that the rubber is prone to splitting and cracking. If they are exposed to extreme high and low temperatures they can split and crack. Also people who are very heavy footed can prematurely age the insoles. Providing that care is taken the insoles will last a few years and they are the most effective method of treating lower leg problems.

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