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Questions and Answers.

Q: If I use a water wand can I put it in a hot drink like tea or coffee?

A: No you canít use the wand in hot drinks because heat actually destroys the magnetism so you can only use the wand in cold liquids.

Q: What about other cold drinks, can I put it in milk?

A: Yes you can put the wand in milk and in fact you can magnetise all cold drinks even alcohol. As long as itís cold, you can magnetise it.

Q: Can I wash the Magnetic straps at all?

A: Yes all the straps are machine washable at 40į C but they can not be put in the tumble dryer as the intense high temperature will damage the magnets. Also it is best to drip dry as radiators can damage the magnets as well.

Q: I have problems with my feet they are always cold and the doctor says the veins in my legs are narrowed. What would be the best way for me to use magnets?

A: Right well if youíve got circulatory problems in your feet then the best product for you to use would be the magnetic insoles because they have around 50 magnets per foot and they radically increase the circulation in the feet and all the way up to the knees. So you are actually increasing the circulation all the way up the leg. They are excellent for anyone with cold feet, cramps nerve pain or restless legs. A lot of people who have had cold feet for years find that with in hours their feet are warm and they stay warm for as long as they are using the insoles.

Q: How do I know when the magnets are working and when do I take them off?

A: Well using magnets is not like taking a pain killer where you take one and wait for 20 minutes and then the pain is gone for 6 hours and comes back again. Magnets take longer to work but the effects are more long lasting. The effects are gradual and get stronger vas the days go by., When you get to a point when you think the magnets have worked to their maximum , were all you pain has gone or most of your pain has gone or you are not getting added benefits each day then you have probably got the maximum out of the magnets and you can remove them if you wish and wash them and put them away. As it is a treatment of symptoms and not a cure the pain will eventually creep back and at this point you simply put the magnets straight back on again and leave them until the pain has gone.

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