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    It's not like morphine based drugs or harsh pain killing drugs where, the more you use them, the more you have to have in strength. It does not work like that with magnetism. The strength you need is always the strength you will need and you donít get a dependence on them, so there is not a maximum time for usage.

People who should not use magnets

(a) Anyone with a pacemaker or internal 'defibrillator'. By this I mean anybody who has had an operation to have a little pace maker box surgically inserted into their chest Now the reason you would have one of these is because you donít have normal heart rhythm or your heart keeps stopping by itself and you need a pace maker to trigger the heart to keep on beating a normal rhythm and similarly with an internal 'defibrillator', itís a little box that is impregnated into your chest by surgery that actually electrically zaps your heart back into a normal rhythm or back into normal beating every so often, these are not so common but you must never, never wear magnets or drink magnetised water if you have one of these devices because the magnets will interfere with the electrical pulses that these machines send to the heart and the result could be that your heart could stop or go into an irregular rhythm.

    If you are married or if you have a partner who has a pace maker or an internal defibrillator you personally can use magnets, the magnetism will not jump from your body to them it is safe for you to use magnets the only precaution for you to take is during intercourse you must remove your magnetised devices and you can replace them after intercourse so, donít use your magnetic devises during intercourse with somebody with a pace maker or defibrillator.

(b) Women during pregnancy should not use magnets; the reason for this is magnets are known to stimulate new cell growth that is one of their actions. If you are pregnant you do not want to stimulate new cell growth in an embryo because that has not been proved to have any negatives effects but there is always the chance that if you increase new cellular growth in an embryo or foetus you will have abnormal cell growth, so you should not use them during pregnancy although it is absolutely fine to use them during breast feeding.

(c) People having chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancers. It is safe to use magnets if you have caner or leukaemia provided you are not actively in a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The reason behind this is exactly the same as in pregnancy, because magnets stimulate new cellular growth and you do not want to actively be stimulating new cellular growth during chemotherapy and radiotherapy because the action of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is to actually stop cell growth and kill cancerous cells.

    You need not worry that wearing magnets whilst you have cancer or leukaemia will increase the amount of cancerous cells that you have growing, it wonít, because studies in America that are not finished yet they are ongoing studies although the preliminary results are very, very positive, show that a magnetic field actually stunts and stops the growth of some cancerous cells. It has not been tested on all cancerous cells and as you know, there are literally hundreds of varieties of cancers and different types of cancer out there but tests on certain types of cancer cells have shown that magnetic fields do actually have an action of stopping and stunting the growth of cancerous cells so there are future implications for magnets in the use of treating certain types of cancer cells, although there is nothing actually published yet, because the study is still ongoing so it is use to safe to use magnets if you have cancer but not whilst you are undergoing active chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.

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