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    If it is high blood pressure medication, diabetic medication or any medication which regulates your heart rhythm at all, you should not reduce medication like that yourself, you should use a doctor or a nurse to reduce the doses because most doses have to be reduced slowly and over a period of time. We have had literally hundreds of people with high blood pressure and diabetes whose medication has been significantly reduced and in some cases actually stopped altogether because they are using magnets and that is absolutely brilliant and that is the result that we look for and hope for in every single case but, as I have said, these people have gone to their G P and have had it done in conjunction with their GP. You do not have to worry or be afraid to tell your GP that the reason for your medication being reduced is because of the use of magnets, some people think they should not have to tell their GP that they are using magnets, well that is absolutely and entirely up to you, if you do not want to tell him then, ok doní tell him but donít be afraid to, not all GPís are old Ďfoggiesí and stuck in their ways, some GPís yes they will scoff and say ďoh its all in your head, its stuff and nonsense that is their opinion that is because they have not actually had any training in magnetic therapy and they donít know how magnets work so it really is not their fault and donít hold it against them if they do scoff and mock at you.

    Just say ďwell I feel its actually working for me and thatís ok and I want to carry on using it.Ē That is absolutely fine, you do not have to have your GPís permission to use magnets, and you can use them without his permission though I do not advocate cutting yourself off from your GP by saying Iím not using my GP because I want to use magnets the two should be used in conjunction. I myself, if I have a headache I am just as likely to use a paracetamol tablet occasionally as much as anybody else. I do not only advocate alternative medicines and not conventional medicines I think you should use a combination of the two. So as for telling GPís its absolutely fine tell him if you want to, if you donít feel comfortable then, ok donít tell him but do get your blood sugar levels checked regularly and your blood pressure checked regularly if you are on medication and you are using magnets. Most people who are diabetics will either be checking their blood sugar levels themselves with a home using a machine, or will be going to the nurse, or the district nurse will be coming to them to check their levels and similarly with high blood pressure, most people will have their blood pressure checked by a practice nurse at least every 4 to 6 weeks and you should carry on with these checks.

    There are no side effects from using magnets and there is no maximum time span for usage, that means that you cannot overdose on using magnets, its perfectly safe to wear as many as you like, people think that if they have lots of magnets on different places on their body then they are going to have too much, you canít actually overdose on magnetism, it is perfectly safe. A lot of you will have heard of an MRI scanner, itís a scanner where you lie on a bed an then you are zipped into a tunnel that then scans your body its called an MRI scanner and that stands Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner now, these scanners actually use magnets to scan the body and if you will imagine that the strength of an MRI scanner is equivalent to around half a million gauss now, you can cover your body from head to foot in magnets and I can guarantee you wonít actually ever come anywhere near to placing five hundred thousand or half a million gauss on the body. It is perfectly safe to use MRI scanners, people go in and out of them every single day of the week and they are not harmed by them so it is perfectly safe to wear as many magnets on the body as you want donít worry, you wonít overdose.

    Similarly you donít have to wear them for a period of time and then stop there is no maximum time for usage, you can wear them for as long as you like. If you want to permanently wear magnets to keep yourself topped up like a lot of people do with bracelets, that is absolutely fine, you wonít get to a point where you get dependent on them.

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