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The 21 most common myths and
mysteries about magnetic therapy

Essential must read information for anyone
who is considering using magnets for pain relief

5) Magnets will relieve pain within a few minutes of wearing them.

Magnets do not work in the same way as painkillers. Painkillers block the pain from reaching the brain, when there is damage caused to the body chemicals are made that are then picked up by all the nerve endings in that area, the nerves would then normally send a message to the brain that would then interpret it as pain. Different types of painkillers work on different areas within the region of the damage to block the pain, some affect the chemicals that are released so that the nerves do not pick them up and some react with the nerves themselves to disable them from sensing the chemicals and passing the message to the brain. This is a fairly simple chemical process and so with in 20 to 30 minutes of taking painkillers you should feel pain relief. The damage is still there, you just can't feel it.

Magnets don't block pain signals they actually treat the cause of the pain. Placing a magnet onto an area that has been damaged (either an ailment like arthritis or an injury to the area) increases circulation and blood flow to this area. The increased blood supply will then bring with it a fresh supply of nutrients and the body's own, natural painkillers, endorphins. While the increased endorphins help to alleviate the pain the nutrients and oxygen rich blood begin to heal the damaged area resulting in pain reduction, less inflammation and the beginnings of new cell growth to repair damage done to the area. This is obviously a complex chain of events and takes time. It is not like taking a painkiller that will have a quick effect, this process can take days or even weeks depending on the person, but the effects are much more long-lasting. Approximately 4 - 6 hours after taking painkillers you will need to take them again as the effects start to wear off. But once you have felt the relief with the magnets you can remove them and be pain free for weeks or you can prevent your pain coming back altogether by wearing your magnets continuously.

A recent trial has shown that wearing a magnetic bracelet may help slightly, but that is because when magnets are worn on the wrist, close to the radial artery, they help to stimulate and increase blood flow around the body which would result in a minimal reduction to pain in other areas of the body away from the arm. If you then compare this to the benefits of wearing magnets directly over the area, a large percentage of people felt an 82% reduction in their pain.

6) You don't have to wear magnets all the time.

You need to wear the magnets 24 hours a day 7 days a week to allow the amount of magnetism to build up and give the body ample time to repair. Every time you remove the magnets you are slowing down and stopping this process from happening making it very difficult for the magnets to have their desired effects on your pain and discomfort. Whilst you are in pain you should wear your magnets 24 hours a day 7 days a week to allow them to do their job. When you are not wearing your magnets the effects of the magnetism won't be able to work on your problem. Your circulation will go back to normal and the rich supply of oxygenated blood will no longer be apparent. As a result of this your body wouldn't have had enough time to begin healing itself and the effects that it did have on you would wear off pretty quickly.

7) Magnets are all the same so a fridge magnet would work just as well.

Magnets are not all the same. Magnets come in all different shapes and sizes and as of yet we there isn't one particular type of magnets that has proven to be the best so we tend to use magnets according to their properties. You can get them made from different materials and at different strengths. Fridge magnets measure approximately 200 gauss in strength and are usually made from ceramic ferrite. Ceramic ferrite magnets are much heavier and larger than neodymium magnets, they don't retain their magnetic strength for very long so if you were using these for healing purposes you would need to replace them frequently.

Neodymium magnets are rare earth healing magnets. They are light weight and have a high resistance to becoming de-magnetised, keeping their strength for 10 years, they can hold very high strengths of magnetism which means we can use smaller magnets and still have a high strength. It is because of these properties that neodymium magnets are used widely for healing. The minimum strength of magnets that are to be used on the body is 800 gauss which will be sufficient for mild to moderate pain. Moderate pain that is longstanding would need a magnetic strength of 2,000 gauss and severe pain would require a magnetic strength of between 2,500 and 3000 gauss and these strengths are easily obtainable using neodymium magnets.

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