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The 21 most common myths and
mysteries about magnetic therapy

Essential must read information for anyone
who is considering using magnets for pain relief

11) Magnet therapy didn't help your friend so it won't help you either.

It is true that magnets don't work for everyone, but they do work for 82 % of people, so just because your friend didn't benefit doesn't mean that you won't. People react to magnets at very different rates, some absorb the magnetism really quickly and get relief from their pain within a few days and then some people are very slow to absorb the magnetism and it can take up to 8 - 12 weeks for these people to receive any benefit. Most people find relief after 2 weeks. Your friend may not have been using the magnets correctly;

* They may have taken them off to go to sleep

* They may have had the wrong type of magnets

* They may have worn them in the wrong place

* They may have used magnets that were not strong enough

* They may have stopped using them too soon.

You won't actually know if magnets don't work for you unless you use them correctly. Your friend should have spoken to a trained magnetic therapist about using the magnets to ensure that they are used correctly.

12) Magnetic therapy can make you loose weight.

I wish this were true, in fact there has been no research done into the matter and if we look at the way that magnets affect the body there is very little chance of them aiding weight loss, they can help to detoxify the body and help with fluid retention but they won't help to get rid of fat.

13) You can't use magnet therapy whilst taking medication.

Magnets are natural and safe and are fine to use in-conjunction with any types of oral medication. No chemicals or drugs are involved in the use of magnetic therapy. Also prescribed medication does not affect the magnets. Magnetic therapy SHOULD NOT be used if you are undergoing chemotherapy or if you use analgesic transdermal drug patches or GTN transdermal drug patches.

14) You're too old to use magnets.

You are never too old to use magnet therapy. It will work on people of all ages and it won't harm you if you are older. Pain and inflammation is exactly the same in both young and old, it is created in the same way, felt in the same way and relieved in the same way. Magnets will work to relieve the condition in exactly the same way whether you are 82 or 16. The opposite is in fact true, you can be too young. Children under the age of 7 should not use magnets.

15) You're in too much pain for the magnets to work.

Magnets will work for 82% of people no matter how severe your pain is. You will obviously need stronger magnets for higher levels of pain to actually gain a benefit but even the standard magnets will reduce high levels of pain a little bit. It will also take longer to relieve severe pain. The process of healing with magnets will be extended because severe pain is often caused by large amounts of inflammation and damage to the affected area, this will obviously take longer to heal. Take into consideration how it can take 8 weeks for a broken bone to heal whereas a sprain or strain is healed within a few days.

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