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How your mind affects the pain that you are feeling and what you can do to change it permanently…(part 2)

How the world in which you live directly affects your pain levels

You receive hundreds maybe even thousands of negative thoughts regarding your pain everyday. Almost everyone that you discuss your pain with will leave a negative imprint in your mind. TV programmes, the radio, newspapers and magazines also have the same negative impact about pain in your mind

For instance;

1.You meet a friend in the street, or maybe for coffee and after exchanging the usual pleasantries the conversation invariably turns to “Well, how are you then? How’s your bad knee (or back etc)?” You most probably will answer with something along the lines of “Well you know, I mustn’t grumble, but it’s been playing up just recently.” And your friend will respond with something like “Well what can you expect at your age, you do have arthritis after all, there’s not much anyone can do for you, is there?”

 In the process of this very quick and short conversation your mind has received 2 negative thoughts about your pain.

i.) You are reaffirming to yourself that you have pain and you just have to put up with it, which tells your mind that this is something you will have for a very long time.   

ii.) Your friend has told your mind that you shouldn’t expect anything else other than pain because you have a condition that will give you pain for the rest of your life.

2.You go to see your GP or specialist about your ailment and he/she tells you that you have had all the tests available and you are on the ‘normal/standard’ treatments and there really is nothing more that he/she can do for you. He/she tells you that what you have is incurable and will likely get worse with age and despite the fact that you live in constant pain, all he/she can do is give you painkillers and maybe put you on the waiting list for physio.

This dialogue gives you only one negative thought but ‘boy oh boy’ what a    humungous negative image it conjures up in your mind. Your doctor, esteemed medical expert, is telling you in no uncertain terms that you have ‘had your chips’ there really is no hope left so there’s no point in trying. You are absolutely fated to live out the rest of your life in agony which will progressively get worse and worse. What an image of doom and gloom. And of course, how could you not believe it, a man of medicine has told you this so ergo it must be true.

These are just 2 examples of the negative thoughts that pass through your mind everyday. If you hadn’t thought about it before you probably wouldn’t even have realised that you were thinking negatively. But even though these thoughts pass in out of your mind very quickly they have a huge impact on your perception of pain and that’s just 2 thoughts, multiply that by the average of 54,000 negative thoughts a day (60,000 x 90%) and you can see the ‘damage’ that is being done to you by these encounters. It’s no wonder at all that you feel so much pain and more importantly that you feel nothing will help you to get rid of your pain. I mean after all, how could anything help? You are telling yourself 54,000 times a day that nothing can help.

When you understand this you will begin to see just how hard you have, unknowingly, been stopping yourself from even attempting to help free yourself from your pain.

The negative thoughts that you think 54,000 times a day don’t just go in and out of your conscious (thinking) mind, they get ‘stored and filed’ in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is responsible for all the actions that you do or decisions that you make without knowing why you have done them.

For example;

● When you are driving home from work and you switch onto ‘auto pilot’ and suddenly you realise that you are half way home and you don’t remember driving any of the way. That’s because your conscious mind switched off, took a break and your subconscious mind was doing the driving.

We are not aware of the decisions, thoughts, feelings or emotions that are contained in the subconscious mind. It is all a big secret that is being kept by you and from you.

I know that all this can be hard to grasp but stay with me on this because it’s about to pay dividends, because:

“If you understand how your mind works in relation to pain, you can overcome your pain.”

So your subconscious mind has stored all of these 54,000 a day, negative thoughts and from these thoughts it draws conclusions and makes assumptions. Your subconscious creates a “story of you”.

For example;

● I am a person with pain that can not be helped. There is no point in trying to find a solution. I am beyond help.

Now this “story of you” isn’t necessarily true, it’s just a compilation of all the negative thoughts rolled into one ‘label’ that your subconscious has given you.

Maybe in school a teacher labelled you as “a bit slow” or “doesn’t try hard”. It doesn’t mean that you were unintelligent or lazy it just means that your teacher made a judgement about you based on an experience of a certain event.

You are blissfully unaware of the ‘label’ or ‘story of you’ that your subconscious has created and although you consciously desperately want to find a way to resolve your pain, your subconscious mind says to itself this doesn’t fit the ‘story of you’ so it works overtime to sabotage your efforts to find a solution to your pain.

Why does it do this? Well if you actually went out and found a method of pain relief, conventional or unconventional, that actually did work for you (and believe me this is possible) then the ‘story of you’ would no longer be true and the subconscious would no longer have it’s identity to cling onto. So as a defence to protect the identity that it has created for itself, it consistently and calculatingly constructs ways to sabotage your best efforts to find relief. And what’s more, it does all this without you even knowing about it.

Now this is a lot to take in, I grant you and I don’t expect you to understand it all on the first reading. You may have to read this a few times over the next week to fully come to terms with what’s going on ‘upstairs’ in the mind department.

But to help you out with your understanding I will give you an example of how the subconscious sabotages your attempts to resolve your pain.

If this sounds familiar then you are being sabotaged by your own mind

See if this sounds familiar;

● You are reading a magazine and you are reading an article on a new type of treatment for your condition. It sounds really good and the medical tests have, so far, proven that it does indeed help people like you. You are very tempted to try the treatment and begin to feel a glimmer of hope that maybe it could help you as well.

As soon as you have thought that this might help a doubt creeps into your mind and says “no it won’t help. It can’t help. Nothing can help you.” (That’s your subconscious) you try to reason with it by thinking “well it might help, it helped those others, it’s worth a try.” “Oh no” says your subconscious “it can’t work, your doctor, friend and specialist etc all said that there is nothing that can help you, so stop being foolish.”

You basically have an argument with yourself. The subconscious versus the conscious and there really is only one winner and that’s your subconscious, it’s just a matter of time. You may give up very quickly and just say well lets be sensible, it probably won’t work for me even if it did work for those others. You have admitted defeat and your subconscious wins, (hooray, it says, safe again.) You may however fight it a bit, even to the point of ordering or trying the treatment. You may give up before you’ve even tried it and relegate it to the drawer that’s full of all the other things that you bought but never tried or you may have enough stamina to actually try the treatment, but ‘hey presto’, after just a couple of treatments or days you give up.

Whichever way your subconscious is victorious and you will never know if that was the one treatment that could have helped you. And that’s just how your subconscious wants it to stay.

If you recognise that example as having happened to you, then you are one step further to understanding how you can help yourself.

Just because the subconscious always gets its own way doesn’t mean that it is more powerful that the conscious mind. We just always assume that it is. Knowledge, acceptance and belief are the most powerful weapons against the subconscious and its ‘story of you’

Once you understand exactly what is going on in your mind you are firmly in the driving seat and ready to change.

Believe me, if at this point you understand all that I have written so far, you have already done the hardest work of all. Understanding what is happening is by far the biggest challenge that you face in all of this, the rest, so to speak, is relatively ‘plain sailing’.

From the moment you consciously decide to change what is going on in your mind the change will occur instantaneously. Accepting the need for change is what takes is what takes humans years to do. The change itself happens in a split second.

So if you are ready to make the change I will of course tell you how to do it;

1.Release your fear
The root of all your subconscious minds battles is the fear of what will happen if the ‘story of you’ is no longer true. As soon as you realise this you can get rid of the fear. You do not have to fear pain or fear that it can not be resolved. It can. Let go of your fear, release it and you can then move on. You must try everyday to not let your fear creep back in.

2. Accept the truth
The truth is that there is a solution to your pain and if you truly believe this you will have the presence and perseverance to find it. Trust your belief and reflect on this actual truth each and every day.

When you have truly abandoned your fear and accepted the truth about the ‘real you’ (that you can be pain free) it will be yours. I’m not saying that your pain will instantly evaporate because that would be silly. What I mean by this is, once you create a new ‘story of you’ the ‘real you’ (which is the story that you can be helped) will be free to go out and find a treatment that can help.

In other words, the next time you read about or hear about a new treatment for your type of pain, instead of your subconscious ‘talking you out of it’ you will be able to seriously investigate whether it is going to help you and what’s more, you will be able to have HOPE that it may work for you.

More often than not the simplest answers are the ones which produce the best results

At first glance this may sound all a bit too simple. I mean, how is just not being afraid of trusting that there is a solution out there for you, going to benefit you. Right?  It honestly can’t be that easy, nothing in life is ever easy.

BUT I assure you there is no trickery involved in this. I am not just blowing out hot air. The plain and very simple truth of it is this:

  1. Your mind has been controlling your ability to find a treatment for your pain.

  2. You have been fighting a war against your own fears and beliefs. (Your conscious versus your subconscious)

  3. Once you understand what is happening in your mind and how powerful your mind is, you are in a position to change how your mind thinks.

  4. As soon as you have made the decision to change your mind and regain control of your mind, you do not have to be afraid of your pain and you can accept the truth about who you really are.

  5. You will no longer be ‘the person who can not be helped and has to suffer forever,’ you will become ‘the person who has been released from pain, able to do whatever you choose.’

Each day think about these 5 points, discipline yourself in this practice and you will change many of these 54,000 negative thought into positives. You can make a significant change to your life, the power lies within you, nobody else. Take comfort from this as you realise you don’t have to rely on your doctor, therapist etc for the answer to your pain. YOU CAN MAKE THIS CHANGE AND I URGE YOU TO DO SO RIGHT NOW TODAY

My very best to you.

Debbie Shimadry

Magnetic therapist/
Pain Nurse Specialist


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