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How to reduce your inflammation and reduce your intake of anti inflammatory pain killers—part 3

How to reduce the amount of Brufen you take each day, without your pain returning…

The British Heart Foundation reported on the 2nd June 2006 the results of a study performed by the British Medical Council. The study reviewed the 2 most widely used anti inflammatory painkillers, Ibruprofen and Diclofenac.

The medical director of the BHF commented:

This study adds to the mounting body of evidence that taking high does of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) increases the chances of having a heart attack.

Doctors and patients should work together to find satisfactory alternatives wherever possible to keep the dose of NSAIDS to a minimum, particularly in patients with known vascular disease.

Further studies are urgently needed to define whether the risk applies to all NSAIDD or whether some are safer than others.”

You will almost certainly have read or heard about this latest ‘painkiller scare’ on ITV, the BBC or in one of the major newspapers which have covered the announcement made by the British Medical Journal.

If you managed to miss it, very quickly here are the main points:

Taking Brufen (Ibuprofen) or Voltarol (Diclofenac) regularly each day, for long periods of time, increases your risk of heart disease and stroke by 40%.

The increased risk is predominantly for those people who take the maximum dose of these anti inflammatory pain killers 3 times a day.

People taking the maximum daily doses should seek advice on alternative pain killing drugs or alternative pain relief methods to reduce their daily consumption of Brufen or Voltarol

Reduce your intake of Brufen and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke

The British Medical Journal is not trying to alarm you or scare you about the dangers of anti inflammatory drugs. They are simply trying to raise awareness in those who are at highest risk so they have the choice as to whether to consider alternative methods of pain control.

Your alternatives to Brufen or Voltarol are:

You can help to reduce your daily intake of Brufen or Voltarol by using a combination of drug free and natural treatments which are known to reduce pain and inflammation (the same 2 things that Brufen and Voltarol do).

When used in conjunction with your anti inflammatory drugs they will enable you to reduce the amount of tablets you take each day and therefore reduce the risk to your health.

The treatments are:

+ Massage therapy. Your pain and swelling will be eased by applying gentle but firm massage for just a few minutes 3 times a day.

+ Magnetic therapy. Placing high strength magnets directly over your area of pain will reduce the inflammation in your joints and improve your blood flow to the affected area. This combination will very effectively reduce pain and swelling.

+ Using ice and heat therapy. You should not use heat without ice as heat alone can increase inflammation. For you to feel the best results you should use a combination of 5 minutes heat followed by 5 minutes of ice. The heat will relax the muscles and the ice will reduce the inflammation.

+ Nutritional supplements. You may already be taking regular supplements to help your joints, but if you aren’t then you absolutely must add then into your daily diet.

Now you can get all the benefits of Brufen without any of the risks or side effects

By using just one of the treatment s listed above you will increase your chances of being able to reduce the amount of Brufen or Voltarol that you take.

However if you use a combination or even better still all of the treatments together you will almost certainly make a monumental difference to the amount of pain your are suffering and as a direct result you will without doubt be able to reduce your dependence on pain medication.

Best of all, the alternative treatments above are natural and drug free, they have no harmful side effects and do not interfere with any existing treatments you may be receiving.

In short this is how you would use massage/ heat /ice therapy to reduce your intake of brufen:

You would need to spend no more than 15 minutes twice a day using this method.

 - First you need to gently massage the affected area for 5 minutes to relax the sore muscles and increase the blood flow to the area.

 - Immediately after massaging you apply a heat pack for no more than 5 minutes. This continues the process of relaxing the muscle plus helps to release trapped nerves (especially the sciatic nerve).

 - You then need to apply an ice pack straight away, after removing the heat, for another 5 minutes. The cold will soothe the area after the massage and heat plus most importantly ice will help to reduce swelling.

WARNING: You should never use heat alone as it can cause inflammation to increase. Always use it with ice to counter act any problems.

That’s it very simply in a nutshell.

What makes this so effective is that the massage, heat and ice actually prepare the muscles and tissues for the magnetic field and aids the penetration. When you use all 4 of these treatments together you will see a very rapid improvement in your pain and swelling. Sometimes in just 1 or 2 days.

In conclusion

Whichever method you choose, the key message from doctors is to try reduce your daily intake of Brufen or Diclofenac. Even if you only manage to reduce your intake by one or two tablets a day it can make a tremendous difference to your risk of developing heart disease. Remember the more tablets you take the higher your risk becomes.

Using the methods described in this guide may well enable you to stop taking NSAIDS completely or may just reduce the amount you take each day, ether way it will go a long way to preserving your health and future.

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