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Q: I have suffered from spinal arthritis for two years. At present, my elbows and upper arms (the muscles underneath) are painful. I take aspirin which helps but once the dosage (one aspirin that last about 8 hours) has worn off---the pain is back. I bought a pack of ceramic magnetic discs(8 pcs. 3/4"diameter - strong) at the local craft store but not sure if I should use them. What should I do? I also take medication for a thyroid problem (hyperthyroidism).


Hello Violet,

Thank you for your email.

If these are not healing magnets with a minimum strength of 800 gauss then you shouldn't use them. They won't harm you but they won't do any good either. You need to use high strength healing magnets for them to be able to penetrate the tissues and relieve the pain.

You could either use single magnets and stick them to the area with surgical tape or Elastoplast, or you could use a magnetic elbow strap, or you could use a bracelet but it would have to be high strength so I would recommend the stainless steel bracelets that contain a 3000 gauss magnet in each link.

Magnets work best when they are as close to the problem as possible so wherever your pain is that is where you need to apply the magnets. Drinking magnetised water will also help to increase the amount of magnetism that is being absorbed into your body and help to treat the pain faster.




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