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Q: My sister is recovering from a T2-T3 spinal cord injury and currently suffers from muscle spasms, rigidity and spasticity in her lower extremities. She does not have complete control of her bowels and bladder and has decreased sensation from the waist down. Do you think magnetic therapy and/or products would help in her situation? We were thinking of purchasing her a magnetic mattress pad to potentially decrease the pain she's in when waking in each morning. Any help or information you can give me would be appreciated.

Kristin Gatlos (02.09.05)

Hello Kristin,

Thank you for your email.

A magnetic mattress cover and drinking magnetised water would be the best way to go. The water will help to increase the strength of the magnets that she is using on the outside of her body as well as helping to get the magnetism into her system more quickly. The mattress cover, if slept on every night, will help with her spasms and rigidity and reduce the amount of pain that she is in. The results won't be immediate and everyone reacts to magnets in a different length of time so persevere with it and don't give up just because you haven't seen an improvement within the first couple of weeks.




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