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Q: I have suffered for years with Migraines and tension headaches and have only just heard about Magnet Therapy for them. Please can you advise of the best form of magnet therapy to wear? I am unsure as I see bracelets that can help and necklaces but don't know what is the better one!?

Stacey Carrington (11.09.05)

Hello Stacy,

Thank you for your email.

You would be best treating them with something as close to the area as possible, so out of a bracelet and a necklace you should consider a necklace, but a necklace is not the best item for treating migraines and headaches. A magnetic pillow pad would be the recommended product. It is a quilted pad that contains 15 magnets each measuring 2600 gauss. This just slips inside your normal pillow case on top of your pillow. Sleeping on this every night can dramatically reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines and some people who have used them for a while have reported that they have no migraines at all any more.

Drinking magnetised water will also help this condition as the water will help to flush out excess toxins from the body and increase circulation it will also help to increase the strength of the magnets in the pillow pad. You can magnetise water by using a magnetic water wand, this is a rod that contains magnets within itself and also in a ball at the end of the rod. You can place this in a jug of water for about an hour and the water will then be magnetised. You can leave the wand in there all the time or take it out and the water will remain magnetised for 3 days. You can also magnetise individual glass in about 15 minutes. As long as the liquid is cold you can magnetise anything so you can drink magnetised, squash, juice, milk, pop and even alcohol.




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