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Q: I have suffered with headaches/migraines for decades. I have been prescribed and tried virtually everything bar magnets (which I only became aware of this week. The problem is with me constantly and generally starts upon awakening (unless I wake in the night with pain) or will develop during the course of the day. Having read the articles and feel that the pillow pad and wand would be beneficial, additionally, what necklaces are available for a man. I would welcome your advice. Thanks in anticipation.

Derek (14.03.06)

Hi Derek,

Thank you for your email.

You are right in thinking that the pillow will be the best thing for your migraines. We have treated a lot of migraine sufferers with the magnetic pillow insert. Many report less violent migraines that last for shorter periods of time and are less frequent, some have even reported that since sleeping on the magnetic pillow insert they have never had a migraine again!

The magnetic pillow insert contains 15 x 2,400 gauss magnets. The pillow insert is made from a cotton mix, the magnets inside are small and sewn into a piece of wadding so that you can not feel the magnets whilst you are sleeping on them. The magnets will help to reduce inflammation and pain levels.

Drinking magnetised water will really help you as well, and it works very well in
conjunction with other magnetic products, in this case the pillow. The magnetised water will help the body to eliminate more of the toxins that the body stores everyday, this will help to maintain a healthy circulation, lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and enable you to feel a general sense of well being. This in itself will help to reduce the migraines a little but
when you drink magnetised water as well as using magnets on the outside of the body, the overall effectiveness and time take for you to feel the benefits in increased by 10%. This is because the body will absorb more magnetism at a faster rate. It will absorb the magnetism from drinking the magnetised
water from the inside and the magnetism from the pillow insert from the outside.

If you wanted to boost the effects further still and maintain a magnetic field
throughout the day a necklace will do this for you. At the moment we only really have one design for men. The constable necklace. This is a stainless steel necklace that contains a 3,000 gauss magnet behind each link and there are approximately 28 links in a necklace. This is one of the highest strength
necklaces that you can get in the UK.

For more information about all of these products have a look on our website or call to speak to one of our therapists.




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