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Q: I suffer from idopathic scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spinal oste-arthrits and a hip which needs to be replaced!  I am 59 years you believe magnetic therapy would help to
relieve the constant pain I am in?

Carole (07.02.06)

Hi Carole,

Thank you for your email.

Magnetic therapy will be able to help you to reduce or even resolve the pain that you are in but it is important to get the correct magnetic products.

You obviously have a very chronic back problem and need to get as many magnets as you can onto that area. We do a package deal of a back belt, a bed pad, and a water wand. This would be a great place for you to start. Ultimately you should consider a mattress cover as this
would be the best thing for you but if you would prefer to start with something smaller to see how you get on with
it I would definitely recommend the package.

The back belt is a soft neoprene strap that fastens around the waist or can be worn lower down over the hips, depending on where you are in the most pain. It fastens with velcro so is adjustable and comes in 2 sizes. It contains 12 x 2,400 gauss magnets which will work to help
reduce pain and inflammation. The minimum strength that should be used for therapeutic purposes is 800 gauss, so you can see that these magnets are at the higher end of the scale and have the
ability to take a way large amounts of pain. You should wear the back belt 24 hours a day 7 days a week, apart from bathing etc, until you have felt relief then you can remove it or carry on wearing it all the time to prevent the pain from coming back.

The bed pad would work in conjunction with the back belt to help reduce your pain and promote healing of the area. The bed pad is a large cotton pad  that you place into your
bed, on top of the mattress but under your sheet. The sheet will keep it in place whilst you are asleep at night.
The bed pad contains 20 x 2,400 gauss magnets so again is a strong magnetic device. You should position this pad so that it covers the area that is in most pain. During the night
the body is semi-shut down so it is more able to repair, heal and relieve, this is why it is so important to also use magnets at night as well as during the day and the bed pad is a good way of getting that extra magnetism during the night. It is washable as 40 degrees and both the magnets
in the bed pad and the back belt will last for 10 years.

The water wand is also very important. Drinking at least 4 glasses of magnetised water a day will greatly benefit you. It will help to flush out toxins from the blood that have built
up over the years from general life and taking painkillers which will make you feel more energetic and refreshed. It can also help with high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and can help maintain sugar levels. It will help to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel conditions and
some skin conditions and also improve general circulation.

But above all this you should really think about drinking magnetised water because it will greatly increase the effect
that you will receive from using the other magnets on the outside of your body. Drinking the water means that
you are ingesting magnetism, this is a good way of getting magnetism absorbed into your system quickly. The magnetism on the inside will work with the magnets on the outside and increase their effectiveness by 10%. You really will feel the benefits much more quickly if you use this package altogether.

For more information about all of these products have a look on our website or call to speak to one of our therapists.




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