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Q: I have quite severe tunnel carpal due to pregnancy would a magnetic bracelet help?

Emma (01.02.06)

Hello Emma,

Thank you for your email.

A magnetic bracelet will help your carpal tunnel.

If your pain is in both wrists/hands then a bracelet on each wrist would be the best idea. If your pain is quite severe then your most appropriate choice would be stainless steel bracelets as they contain the highest magnetic strength out of all the bracelets. The strength of each magnet in
these bracelets is 3,000 gauss and there can be anything up to 17 magnets in a bracelet depending on size and design.

This strength will relieve your pain and discomfort and reduce any inflammation in this area.

If, however you are still pregnant, we would advise that magnets are not used as it is unknown how magnets will affect a developing foetus or baby and so would advise that you wait until the baby has been born.

If you need anymore help or advice then please get in touch.




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