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Q: Hi Debbie
I've been lower back pain and the neck for a month till then. I've tried to use many medication such as Advil to reduce my pain, but It did not helped. Then I heard rumours said that there is a magnetic bracelet can help to reduce the pain. I urgently search on internet and find the bracelet with a total strength 51,000 gauss strong at a full length. The price $50. So I would like to know does this magnetic bracelet help me reduce the pain? and if it does for how long does it effective? Should I wear it all the time, no take it out? Mrs. Debbie, Please give me your advice. Please email me as soon as you read this message. I'm looking
hearing from your.

Thanh Pham (25.12.05)

Hello Thanh,

Thank you for your email.

Magnetic therapy can help with lower back pain but a bracelet would not be the best choice for you. Magnets work best when they are as close to the point of pain as possible. A magnetic bracelet will help with wrist, hand and arm pain as the magnets will be located in this area.

For back pain you really need to get the magnets closer to your back so I would recommend a magnetic back belt. Our back belt is made of a soft neoprene fabric that is comfortable to wear. It fastens with velcro so is adjustable and comes in 2 sizes. It contains 12 x 2,400 gauss magnets
so is very strong and will definitely help to reduce your pain. It can be worn around the waist or lower down on the hips to get the magnets closer to the lower back if that is where
your pain is.
To receive the most benefits from this you should wear it all the time to allow the magnets to work on the inflammation and pain in the lower back. You can take it off for bathing/showering but it should be put back on as soon as possible. It is important to use magnets at night as this is
when the body is most able to heal itself so wearing the belt at night or using a magnetic pad to lie on is important.

If you need any more information then you can have a look at our website or get back in touch.




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