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Q: My husband has started to complain of arthritic pains in his elbow. he had arthritis when he was a teenager in elbow and it went away. He is now 40. He also suffers from restless legs. can magnets help with this?

Rebecca Swann (12.12.05)

Hello Rebecca,

Thank you for your email.

Magnets can help with both of these problems.

His restless legs will be helped by magnetic insoles. We have had a lot of success with magnetic insoles treating restless legs. The magnets in the insoles will dramatically increase the circulation to the lower leg bringing with it all the nutrients and endorphins needed to treat this problem. He should wear them all day, changing them from one shoe to the next as required.
Wearing them all day means that there will be enough magnetism in the lower legs to take him through the night but if his problem is particularly bad he can wear the insoles at night as well in a pair of bed socks.

His arthritic elbow can also be treated with magnets. He could either wear a magnetic elbow strap or a high strength stainless steel bracelet. The magnets are better closer to the point of pain so I would firstly suggest the elbow strap, it contains 6 x 2,400 gauss magnets and is made of black
neoprene. It fastens with velcro so is fully adjustable and sits very nicely just above the elbow.
If he didn't want to wear a black strap then I would suggest a stainless steel bracelet. It is further away from the problem but the magnets in there are strong enough to still
reduce his pain.

Drinking magnetised water will also help to increase the strength and effectiveness of any magnets used on the outside of the body by 10% and combining magnets used outside the body with drinking the water and getting magnetism internally is the most effective way of treating any pain.

If you need anymore help or advice then please get in touch.




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