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Q: Hi, My mother in law has a partially blocked artery in lower leg which is limiting circulation to the lower foot. As a result, she has developed an ulcer on on foot which is not healing. Can you recommend an appropriate treatment
Many thanks!

Steve Ellis (26.11.05)

Hello Steve,

With there being a reduced supply of blood to the area the foot isn't getting enough nutrients and minerals from the blood to be able to heal this ulcer. The magnets will help to increase her circulation to his area and allow a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to flow to the area around the ulcer. The magnets will also work directly on the ulcer to help reduce pain and inflammation and promote new cell growth to heal the ulcer more quickly.

You need to wear the magnets as close as possible to the affected area so I would recommend that she wears magnetic insoles and drinks magnetised water.

The insoles are very comfortable to wear and are only 2mm thick so they won't take up a lot of room in the shoe. Each insole contains 50 magnets and are mad from ruberised ferrite which will mould to the shape of the foot as it warms. She should wear these for as long as possible. When she wakes up in the morning she should put them straight into her slippers and keep putting them into her shoes as she changes them throughout the day.

The magnetised water will also benefit her poor circulation and also increase the effectiveness of the magnetic insoles. You can magnetise water using a magnetic water wand.

Have a look on our website at the products mentioned and if you need any more advice please get in touch.




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