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Q: Hi, My dad suffers terribly from gout and has changed his diet etc and is on all sorts of different medication from the GP, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I was wondering whether you think some sort of magnetic therapy would help him? Thanks

Deb Howard (29.10.05)

Hello Deb,

Thank you for your email.

Firstly you need to determine where he suffers with his gout. Magnets work best when they are placed as close to the affected area as possible.

Gout is a condition brought about by poor circulation from whatever cause it may be. Magnets are very good at increasing circulation and have helped hundreds of people with gout.

I would strongly suggest that your dad treats his gout in 2 ways. The first being to drink magnetised water. Drinking magnetised water will help the body's circulation generally and also increase the effectiveness of other magnets used on the outside of the body. You can magnetise liquid using a magnetic water wand. This can be place into the liquid that you want to magnetise. You can magnetise and liquid as long as it is cold. So even if you don't drink water you can
magnetise squash, juice, pop, milk and even alcohol as long as it is cold. Heating magnetised water will destroy it's magnetic properties. We advise between 3 and 6 glasses a day but the more you drink the more benefits you will get from it.

I would also strongly suggest that he also uses a magnetic device on the outside of the body in conjunction with drinking the water. If he has gout in the lower leg or foot area then a pair of magnetic insoles would be the best for him or if his gout was affecting his hands or fingers then
a high strength stainless steel bracelet would be best. Having high strength magnets on the outside of the body where he is suffering with his gout will work with the magnetised water to increase the circulation to the area and reduce inflammation at the same time as promoting the
healing of the area.

If you require anymore information please get in touch.




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