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Q: I am a cyclist who suffers from lower back pain after approx 1 hour of riding caused by two discs, L4 & L5 I think, being slightly protruding. I have had many hours of osteopathy and Chiropody but still have a painful back
when riding. I have tried slow release pain killers, pain relieving gel etc but none seem to be strong enough in the long term. I am now considering magnetic pain relief in the form of a belt which contains magnets. However I am not sure if the relief offered would be instant or durable enough. Any advice will be appreciated

Murray Taylor (17.10.05)

Hello Murray,

Thank you for your email.

The back belt that your are considering would be a good place to start. The classic back belt which we now do in a super strength would be best. The higher strength magnets within this belt will help to relieve your pain much quicker than a standard belt as it seems your pain is quite severe and longstanding.

The thing to remember is that magnets don't give instant relief like painkillers but their effects do last so much longer. You need to be wearing the belt 24 hours a day for 7 days a week at first, at least until the pain has been resolved. You can then either remove the belt and your pain will come back after a certain period of time or you can carry on wearing the belt all the time to prevent your pain from coming back.

The time it takes to have an effect can vary from person to person, some people feel the effects within days and some it takes weeks. To increase the speed at which they will relieve your pain you can drink magnetised water. Using the water wand will help to increase the strength of any
magnets used on the outside of the body by an extra 10% which in turn will lower the time it takes for them to begin working and increase their effectiveness.

If you require anymore information then please get in touch.




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