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Q: After being in pain now for 20 months I have been diagnosed as having a prolapsed disc in the lumbar region (after MRI scan). The pain is, and always has been in my left buttock. Originally the Osteopaths, Chiropractors and orthopaedic surgeons thought I had a problem with the Sacro Iliac joint. I have had steroid injections in the Facet joints and the Sacro Iliac joint, I have had manipulation over 40 times, all to no avail. The pain come mainly when I stand and walking is a real struggle after a few hundred yards my left side seems to go into spasm and I end up looking like a banana. I can sit and lie on my right side with no pain so sleeping is and never has been a problem. Pills only bring light relief.
I can however bend forward, rotate (I have played a few rounds of golf using a buggy) and lift both my legs to about 60 degrees, this is why a disc was ruled out at the start. I did purchase one of your belts but have not used it because a) I brought the wrong size (too large) and b) I thought the belt was wider and would give support to the whole of the lower back. If you think you can help please write back

Steve Hurt (02.11.04)

Hi Steve,

The narrow back belt that you choose is the correct type of belt for you.  You don't need a wide belt around the lower back area. A wide belt will always fold over and ruck up around the sacral spine and it will in fact dig in and cause more problems. The narrow belt was designed so it is soft and flexible around the hips and lower back. You should wear it slung low around the hip area as close to the point of pain as possible. This will allow the magnets to work most efficiently. The narrow belt will not fold or ruck and can be comfortably worn day and night. It is crucial to wear your magnets 24 hours a day 7 days a week until you feel the benefits.

As for the size if you have an incorrect size please send it back to us with your name and address details and we will exchange it for the correct size. if you can measure your hip area and include that measurement it will enable us to ensure that you get the correct size. If your measurement is out of the normal stock range we will custom make a belt to your requirements free of charge.




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