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Q: Hi, I am a 36 year old woman and had my first child 17 months ago. About 10 years ago I had an incident with my lower back, I was just bending down to put something in a cupboard and my back "locked". The pain was excruciating, I felt faint, had pins and needles in my back and I couldn't move for several hours. My GP came to the house and injected my back with muscle relaxants. I laid in bed for a few days and it was still very tender, took about a week to heal completely. I saw an osteopath afterwards and he said my facet joint had locked, it was one of those things that can happen to anyone and it may never happen again. Anyway over the last 10 years it has twinged now and again but nothing like that first time.

However, in the last couple of months it has started again, probably with me lifting my toddler son, which I try not to do unless I have to (putting him in the car, highchair etc). It starts off as a niggly twinge in my lower right back and gets worse and worse throughout the day until I can't move. I sleep that night on my left side, with my knees bent and a pillow between them, and in the morning it's better, but still tender. I tend to just get it for one day at a time and after having rested for the night it's ok. But it's happening so often now it's starting to affect what I can and can't do with my son. Would a back support help me? The pain is on the right side, always in the same place, right at the bottom of my back and the top of my right buttock. Once it's gone, the pain is sudden and excruciating and I'm frightened to move, so I just sit with lots of pillows behind me and walk around very gingerly, holding my back. Nurofen seem to help a bit but they're not a long term answer. I haven't been to the docs yet, don't have much faith in them I'm afraid. I'm getting so down about it now as there have been days where I've planned to take my son out and then can't and sit at home all day and can't even lift him. I'm not overweight and am healthy other than this.

I work in an office 3 days a week and have no problems there, the problems start on my days off with my son so I know it must be lifting him that aggravating it, but I can't not lift him. I don't do any regular exercise but walk a lot with my son and to the office and back. I put on 4 stone when pregnant and was amazed I had no problems then. Please help! Your advice would be really appreciated.

Nicola Smith (02.05.05)

Hi Nicola,

Muscular back pain is a common form of pain that be treated effectively
with magnets. You can wear a back belt during the day and sleep on a bed pad at night.
To increase the power of the magnets in the back belt and to receive the
benefits even quicker you can do the above in conjunction with drinking magnetised water.

If you need any more information you can call me free on 0800 6121346

you can view the back belt at

the pillow/bed pad at

and the water wand at



p.s The combination above is what we recommend to people who want to get
rid of their pain the quickest way possible. You can start by using only
the back belt if you wish


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