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Q: I have tendonitis in my wrist and was just diagnosed with DeQuervain's stenosing Tenosynnovitis in the other hand. I heard that a magnetic bracelet could help and came across your site. Would a bracelet help if so what kind?

Tennille (15.07.05)

Hello Tennille,

Thank you for your email.

Magnetic bracelets will help with your condition.
The best ones that we recommend for this kind of problem would be the high strength stainless steel bracelets. These contain 3000 gauss magnets, one in every link, so they are incredibly strong. One on each wrist is obviously the best way to go if you have pain in both wrists and also drinking magnetised water will benefit you. You would use a product called a water wand, this is a pen shaped metal rod with a ball at the end. The magnets are contained in the rod and in the ball at the end. When placed in the water this then magnetises the water. Drinking this them gets the magnetism into your blood stream and helps to treat the problem from the inside. This 2 sided approach is the most affective treatment for your wrist pain.




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