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Q: I suffer from lower back pain (right at the bottom of my spine) and would be interested in a magnetic belt but as I wear hipster trousers most of the time, am concerned that it would show under my clothes. Is there anything else that is suitable?

Kathryn Elliott (03.08.05)

Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for your email.

The back belt can actually be worn very low down over the hips so that the magnets are positioned over your area of pain, this also means that it would still be hidden by your clothes. We are doing an extra strength version of the back belt for people who need that extra strength to eliminate their pain much more quickly.

I would also advise that you drink magnetised water. You would use a water wand to magnetise your water by simply placing the wand into a jug of water for about an hour, this water is then magnetised. You can actually magnetise any COLD liquid so it could even be milk, juice, pop, squash or even alcohol. Drinking 4 glasses a day can really help to treat the source of the pain from the inside and with the magnets on the outside treating the problem as well the pain is helped much more quickly and efficiently than if you just wore the belt alone. The water also has
other benefits like it can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, it can help to
control blood sugar levels in diabetics, it can ease the symptoms of IBS, diverticulitis, crohns disease and colitis, it can help with skin conditions, stress and fatigue.

If you still wanted something other than a belt especially at night we do a bed pad. This is a quilted pad that contains 20 magnets in it. The magnet are of a very high strength so really help the body to heal itself during the night. You would place this pad under your sheet where your back would be and then you are getting the magnetism all through the night. It is important to have contact with magnets at night as this is the best time for healing even if you don't suffer with your pain at night so you would need to wear your belt at night as well as during the day or you can wear the belt during the day and have the bed pad for night time. The pad could also be used in a chair, in the car, on train journeys, anywhere.

There are details of all the products on our website or you could give us a call on 0800 612 1346 or 01773 831806




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